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quality of being international in scope

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Thus, the internationality of both science and the arts is far from new.
The number of published as well as received papers of high scientific quality is growing rapidly, the internationality and global dispersion of the Journal are visibly increasing.
The number of published as well as received papers of high scientific quality is growing rapidly and the journal internationality and global dispersion are increasing.
Purism strengthens the mother tongue but alienates from internationality.
ROMA (CyHAN)- Milan's Salone del Mobile, or Milan Furniture Fair, has geared its 53rd edition which runs on April 8-13 to innovation-driven internationality, organizers said here Tuesday.
Since its debut in 1978, FHA has had a proud track record of international companies making up over 80 per cent of its exhibitors, reinforcing the internationality of the event.
Exhibitors noted the increased internationality of the visitors, their remarkable specialist expertise and the above-average high number of top managers attending the trade fair.
The high level of internationality among visitors and exhibitors is proof of its success.
The internationality of the exhibitors and the variety of products were highly appreciated by the visitors.
The Director-General of Dubai Customs said: "Opportunity for an attractive, inspiring environment for suggestions had a good result in enhancing Dubai Custom's reputation internationality.
For over 165 years, Siemens has stood for technological excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality.
Subsequent material is arranged in chapters on the internationality of sales contracts, the CISG's criteria of applicability, the Convention's substantive sphere of application, exclusions from the CISG's sphere of application, party autonomy, examination and notification in case of non-conformity of the goods, and the issue of the rate of interest on sums in arrears.
They analyzed seven criteria: the number of overnight stays, the growth in the number of overnight stays, the growth of bed capacities, generating added value (revenue per room), internationality (share of European and non-European tourists), accessibility (number of direct air routes) and the number of congresses.
Multiaddressiertheit und Internationalitat eines nationalen Literatur-und Medienevents [The Cultural Phenomenon of Harry Potter: Multiple-audience Directedness and Internationality of a National Literary and Cultural Event].
1) that could represent the complex internationality of the British verse we study.