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Synonyms for internationalistic

influenced by or advocating internationalism

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When she became internationalistic, underwrote the economies of other nations, permitted her rulers to become dictators, enmeshed herself with the problems of aliens and taxed her own people to support those aliens, she began to die.
The tolerant, universalistic, internationalistic Mizrachi movement was pushed aside, increasingly by groups that emerged after the Six-Day War, as a mood of messianic fervor and unbridled chauvinism gripped the nation.
Pavlowitch has explained the paradox of mixing religion and nationalism under a regime whose ideology is internationalistic and antireligious, with "the obvious religiosity of words and gestures of a powerstructure that remains pseudo-Christian in its ritual manifestations although its ideology is anti-Christian.
Should I, upon leaving, be confronted by the growing poverty, the homelessness of so many, I must, upon arrival from Shanghai or Canton, smile at this city, suddenly like a gentle health resort at the close of the twentieth century, with her chestnut-lined avenues, her internationalistic high-rise fingers reaching up toward the light, her clean streets with traffic lights functioning day and night.
The church's alternative-education proposals were one way to prevent people from losing their personal autonomy in the melting pot of an internationalistic, communist-value-centered, and state-supported culture.
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