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Synonyms for internationalism

the doctrine that nations should cooperate because their common interests are more important than their differences

quality of being international in scope

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Cuban internationalism can therefore be viewed as a benefit to the domestic economy alongside a broader mandate of development solidarity throughout the global South, and because it is an important economic and political anchor, the current economic reforms are not likely to detract from internationalism.
Throughout her years with WILPF she advocated for negotiated peace and promoted ideas like internationalism and global citizenship.
Britain and France had turned away from internationalism, adopting trade systems known as "Imperial Preference," which favoured their vast overseas empires.
His book offers a definitive corrective to that deficiency as he carefully delineates the relationship between religion and the emergence of both internationalism and anti-internationalism.
In this view, liberal internationalism became the hegemonic tradition in American foreign policy after the Second World War.
Bush's patient internationalism and his son's truculent unilateralism--is painfully instructive.
Internationalism is therefore primarily understood as bilateral and multilateral co-operation of railways in Europe--with the outstanding exception of Colin Divall's global tour d'horizon on the importance of (post)colonial railways between imperial power struggle and autochthonous nation building.
From inside a white tent, renowned photographer Barry Lewis is exhibiting 1,500 portraits celebrating the internationalism of Birmingham's residents and visitors.
The French poet Charles Peguy once remarked that true internationalism does not do away with nations in favor of some bloodless ideal.
The MDS ``Statement on the `New Middle East','' posted in August on the Los Angeles Independent Media Center site, lauds terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah, stating, ``We support a new internationalism founded on unity and solidarity with popular, mass-based resistance movements such as Hamas and Hizbullah struggling against those who oppress us all.
Jackson's internationalism stemmed in part from her childhood in Argentina, where her father was Manager of the British Atlas Light and Power Company in Santa Fe.
Andersen and Per Molander, "Policy Options for reforming the welfare state," in Torben and Molander, Alternatives for welfare policy; coping with internationalism and demographic change (Cambridge, UK, 2003), pp.
Fosdick's engagement sprung from his belief in internationalism over isolationism.
Ironically, however, that new beginning looks a lot like an old stand-by: liberal internationalism.
That agenda--the promotion of more and more internationalism leading to world government--has been pursued for decades by both Republican and Democrat administrations.
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