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Synonyms for internationalise

put under international control

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make international in character

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In Manama, Bahraini Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa said demands to internationalise the management of the Holy Mosques were prompted by bitter failures.
That's the most obvious way that China is trying to internationalise the RMB.
Calls to internationalise higher education have intensified in recent years, particularly as educational services have grown to become a significant export industry within the Australian economy.
With PWG's position in the automotive industry we will improve our own position within a prioritized customer segment and at the same time take an important step in our strategy to further internationalise ProfilGruppen.
The third multi-annual programme for SMEs in the EU aims to:- simplify and improve the administrative and legislative environment fofor enterprises;- improve the financial environment for enterprises,- - help SMEs Europeanise and internationalise their strategies, notably through better information services and co-operation,- enhance the competitiveness of SMEs and improve their access to reresearch, innovation and training;- promote entrepreneurship and support target groups;- - improve political instruments in support of SMEs.
We plan to internationalise the Teleconnect brand and logo associated in Spain with high quality long distance prepaid calling.
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