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Synonyms for internationalisation

the act of bringing something under international control

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Madeleine Green, chairwoman of the panel and senior fellow of the IAU and the National Association of International Educators, said "The IAU is delighted to confer the first learning badge for comprehensive internationalisation.
Transnational education as an internationalisation strategy: meeting the institutional management challenges.
National strategies and practices in internationalisation of higher education: Lessons from a cross-country comparison", in Curaj, A.
For small and medium companies, an important factor contributing to internationalisation and accompanying growth as well as a solution for the above mentioned hindrances may be the willingness and openness of these SMEs, (their owners and/or managers), to make the most of an opportunity which presents itself.
Bounded entrepreneurship and internationalisation of indigenous Chinese private-owned firms, International Business Review 17(4): 488-508.
The internationalisation process theory and the internationalisation of Norwegian firms, 1945 to 1980, Business History 51(3): 445-461.
The internationalisation of the RMB is part of the new financial order for this region, which will provide a new impetus for the growth of China's financial market, Professor KC Chan, Hong Kong Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury, said on Friday sat the Plenary Session IV at the Lujiazui Forum 2011 in Shanghai, adding that Hong Kong will be the most compelling offshore RMB market.
Manama Qatar has said that it opposes the internationalisation of the Yemen unity issue and has offered to help in safeguarding territorial integrity as calls for secession are getting louder in the country's south.
Network relationships and the internationalisation process of small software firms.
1998) 'Towards an Integrative Framework of the Internationalisation of the Firm', in G.
The book is not organised to necessarily differentiate the effects of internationalisation processes between pedagogy and policy.
This book examines how and why internationalisation of markets affects economic institutions.
Internationalisation patterns of border firms: speed and embeddedness perspectives.
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