international terrorism

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terrorism practiced in a foreign country by terrorists who are not native to that country

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Shanty, a researcher and the author of several works on international terrorism, presents this exploration of the links between the international heroin trade, terrorism and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.
to be a decisive step in the fight against international terrorism and wants to congratulate US President Barack Obama and his government and armed forces," it said in a statement.
Summary: Madrid - Spain welcomed the efforts made by Morocco in fighting illegal immigration, drug trafficking and international terrorism.
Nazir A Mughal, who is the only foreign expert on international terrorism among the three, who are advising the US State Department on International Terrorism was of the view that at present, majority of the Muslims were performing their religious duties according to the teachings of Islam, which they received through sermons in mosques or from their parents or forefathers.
A spokeswoman for Gwent Police said the inquiry was not linked to international terrorism.
Synopsis: Americans are about as concerned about Iran's and North Korea's nuclear capabilities and drug violence in Mexico as they are about the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and international terrorism in general.
But, as Smith notes, the United States and China are geopolitical rivals, which raises the question: "[C]an two major powers--which some have characterized as geopolitical rivals--cooperate against international terrorism in the long term?
This article aims to describe past and present state sponsorship of international terrorism in Africa.
However, now that threat comes from either international terrorism or from climate change.
Duke created a mild media storm by speaking at a conference in Tehran on the Holocaust, convened by the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is infamous for his tirades against the United States and his threats to "wipe Israel off the map," not to mention being one of the leading state sponsors of international terrorism.
Much greater effort needs to be made to communicate effectively with the Arab and Islamic world in order to bridge the gulf of mistrust that feeds into international terrorism," it said.
A paradigm nonstate threat is international terrorism, because the role of the state in such a threat is often minor and the nonstate actors who are the primary cause are so easily identifiable (if not interceptable).
Chechnya: From Past To Future is informed and informative reading and especially recommended to the attention of anyone with an interest in Russia, Chechnya, and international terrorism.
Law in the War on International Terrorism," from Transnational Publications (Ardsley, NY) is a new book that was written in response to the changes in international laws on terrorism that have taken place since 9/11.
I know what it means to fight Spain's terrorism and international terrorism.
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