international law

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the body of laws governing relations between nations

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For example, our law allows execution of convicts but the international law does not.
Moreover, students' concept on the international law is also cleared,' he said.
Academics, military attorneys and international law experts have taken very different views regarding the legality of preemptive self-defence, and their views might be seen as falling into four basic schools of thought: the strict constructionist school, the imminent threat school, the qualitative threat school and the 'charter is dead' school.
In the case of Pakistan, for example, so far no western country has officially announced that it is a war zone or that this is an armed conflict within the meaning of international law.
The Asian Society of International Law said that the advent of the Trump administration in the US, Brexit, growing anti-immigration sentiments, and a strong increase in nationalist and protectionist trends are posing a big challenge to the global order based on international law, and that especially East Asia is more vulnerable to such challenge, as the region has achieved economic growth and regional peace based on internationalism and free trade.
Alternatively, it could stem from an assumption that studying international law in Congress would be mostly fruitless: that Congress is mostly indifferent to international law, and time spent searching for international law consideration by Congress would be time wasted.
Presenting his case, Ahmer Bilal Soofi, also president of the Research Society International Law, argued the current international-law framework in the world dates back to 1945, when the sovereignty of state was accepted the world over.
International law has undergone a transitionary development in which the former framework of international law, which concentrated on co-ordination, changed its focus more to co-operation between involved parties (Friedmann, 1964).
He said that the programme represents an important aspect in the work of the United Nations in respect of the rule of law as it helped increase awareness of the international law, and promoted national cohesion with the international law.
The presence of the contrary domestic statute does not nullify the force of the treaty's international law obligation.
Rather than state practice and opinio juris, multilateral forums often play a central role in the creation and shaping of contemporary international law.
At present there is no proper legal division of international law practitioners at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [MoFA] or the Ministry of Law and Justice [MoLJ].
However, Santiago, an international law author and former international law professor at the University of the Philippines, said at this time there is no principle of customary international law that allows a right to secede from a state.
The majority of the contributors, all leading academics, come with an international law background, but there are also scholars from the fields of philosophy, international affairs, European law and political science.
If Western powers, Britain, France, and the United States, can intervene in the Middle East, and the Maghreb and bring down authoritarian rulers disfavored by the Western ruling class and the world media, does international law mean anything?
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