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learning (of values or attitudes etc

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NASDAQ: ACAS) for a purchase price of USD 562m in cash at closing, and no termination fee was paid by AGNC under its management agreement in connection with the internalisation.
The merger and the internalisation were approved by SWAY's shareholders at a meeting held on 17 December 2015.
CBA notes that the Independent Directors of CMIL unanimously recommend the lnternalisation, in the absence of a superior proposal and subject to an Independent Expert s Report concluding that the Internalisation is fair and reasonable for, and in the best interests of, CFX securityholders other than CBA and its associates.
Similarities in body image in sisters: the role of sociocultural internalisation and social comparison.
The article demonstrates the operating cost saving potential of putting in place options for gradual internalisation.
Several days before the Council, the International Road Transport Union (IRU), which is a representative of the road sector's interests, called on ministers to insist that the Commission urgently present concrete legal proposals for the internalisation of external costs for other modes of transport.
Theoretically, social comparison tendencies should predict greater awareness and internalisation of sociocultural ideals, and strengthen the relationship between media consumption and body image.
The final part of the OLI paradigm is the internalisation variable (I).
Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust (NYSE:SWAY) disclosed on Friday that both the proposed merger with Colony American Homes Inc and internalisation of its management was approved by its shareholders, voting at the special meeting held the same day.
Incubation in the dark, on the other hand, resulted in a scattered attachment pattern and very little internalisation.
The European Commission is currently preparing its strategy on the internalisation of external costs (pollution, noise, congestion, etc) generated by the various modes of transport.
Since common ownership and governance by resource commitment is a precondition of internalisation (Williamson 1975, 1978, Buckley and Casson 1976), the type or degree of internalisation depends on the degree of common governance/control.
The SunGard-TradeTech survey also addressed specific topics relating to MiFID, such as Systematic Internalisation, Best Execution, Data Management and Client Classification.
Previous writings on international business theory based on the internalisation paradigm have prescribed only a minor role for management decision making in determining outcomes.
FRONT ARENA's internalisation process works on the "match or move" principle, allowing the automatic external routing of orders when an internalisation opportunity is not possible, or better execution is available elsewhere.