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a rhyme between words in the same line

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Said bin Mohammed al Saqlawi presented a working paper on 'the internal rhyme in the Omani traditional poetry.
The lyrical speaker of these poems has an ear for internal rhyme and makes a crisp music of images, as in these lines where a "miscarried sister" who "wants to be an owl" shows up at a costume ball and "raises the fluttering / mask of an io moth / to the would-be of her cheeks, her not-yet nose's Swedish hook" ("Rose Is Dead and Crashes the Party").
Demonstrating the supposed fatuousness of the song "View from Gay Head," Castle writes that Dobkin, "in the course of decrying the sexual warfare waged on women by men, absolutely nails my favorite internal rhyme in all of English poetry":
As the legend goes, the frenetic pace of Nas' flow, his complex internal rhyme schemes, and his dense lyricism had people wearing out their cassette tapes, rewinding them over and over again in disbelief.
Bruce begins by sharing his bias towards a farmer's life in language that underscores the reliability and predictable strength of the land-established first in the internal rhyme of the opening lines, i.
I love the play of "take up the burden" and "We go / uphill," the internal rhyme on "take" and "make," and the way in which the "stream" is both internal and external to the poet.
I made similar use of anagrams--note the internal rhyme in line 4--in
This meter, combined with her playful use of the pun, alliteration, internal rhyme and other rhetorical figures, allows Page to elevate what is sometimes mundane content, as when she writes, "I was crazy for colour.
All of my plays are linked by my love of sound and rhythm, rhyme, internal rhyme, alliteration and wordplay," says Davis.
Lead rapper Chuck D's crisp baritone and complicated internal rhyme schemes ("Never badder than bad/cause the brother is mad at the fact/that his brother's corrupt like a senator" on "Bring The Noise" comes to mind) worked only when alternately reigned in and encouraged by Flavor Flav's homeboy histrionics--reminding the listener that despite the riot going on, it was still, in the end, a party record.
Often it moves with the muted menace of real fairytales (as when, in A Sinner Saved by Grace, internal rhyme leads "cream" and "dream" to give birth to their darker acoustic children, "extremes" and "schemes").
I find Azriel's poetry to be fascinating insofar as it is actually quite structured, with a lot of subtle delicate internal rhyme, along with other more obvious external rhyme.
While formal rhyme and meter are not obviously present in Karr's verse, she does employ internal rhyme, alliteration, and analogy skillfully, especially calling upon her abiding concern with what's in and what's out of the body, a conceptual metaphor she weaves throughout much of her poetry, past and present.
Thus Festina lente becomes Eile mit Weile in German, with a coinciding internal rhyme.
While Crystal provides an indication of his methodology for devising his "OP" text (including phonetic spelling, internal rhyme, evidence from contemporary orthoepists, stress patterns and so on), he is forced to concede that pronunciation "is the most difficult domain to interpret historically because, in an era before sound recording, speech--unlike buildings, costumes and props--leaves no evidence of how it was" ("Saying It as It Was," Around the Globe 27 [2004], 14).
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