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Studies on the sex difference of internal organ mass can not only help to understand the dimorphism of physiological function, but also explain the evolution of internal organs.
Although they did not look at why there is such a link in the course of this study, the researchers pointed out that "spare tyre" obesity was associated with the accumulation of "visceral" fat around internal organs, which is known to be especially harmful to health.
A Greek Police spokeswoman, said: "The doctors who examined the girl told police her internal organs were ruptured.
Graphic images of the fatal damage caused to internal organs are shown in a new TV advert highlighting the three devastating impacts the body suffers if a seatbelt is not worn.
Atlanta, GA, and Trophic Solutions, LLC, Madison, WI, announced they have signed an exclusive licensing agreement to develop and market products related to the cold storage and preservation of internal organs prior to transport.
Abscesses inside the body usually occur in the spaces between the internal organs.
Today I have no internal organs at all - they have all dissolved.
When his deadbeat parents sell his internal organs to the Yakuza to cover their gambling debts, Hayate has no time left at all.
These PET (position emission tomography) scans show the concentration of an important enzyme, MAO B, in the internal organs of a smoker and a nonsmoker.
Donations helped her cosmetologist owner pay for the $1,000 surgery, which removed the rocks -- actually, calcified lumps, one at least five inches in diameter and several smaller ones -- that were probably caused by dietary deficiencies and which were filling up her abdominal cavity and crowding her internal organs.
ULTRASOUND scans are helpful to medics as they can show the internal organs, al though their best-known use is for checking that babies a re healthy in the womb.
Autopsies showed serious alterations in all internal organs tested.
Atrue hermaphrodite has male and female internal organs and the physical features of either sex.
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 17, 2005 - (JCNN) - Olympus Medical Systems will launch its proprietary high-resolution capsule endoscope, a dedicated handheld viewer, the endoscope enables the observation of internal organs on a real-time basis.
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