internal iliac artery

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the inner branch of the common iliac artery on either side of the body

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Burchell [8] demonstrated that bilateral internal iliac artery ligation was more effective than unilateral ligation in reducing the pulse pressure.
These include internal iliac artery ligation uterine, artery embolisation, balloon tipped catheter to internal iliac artery [20] treatment.
Unsuccessful bleeding control, progressive growth of hematoma, and failure to provide hemodynamic stability may require laparotomy and ligation of bleeding vessel or ligation of the internal iliac artery.
Conventionally, the internal iliac artery bifurcates into anterior and posterior divisions.
Unilateral lower extremity paralysis after coil embolization of an internal iliac artery aneurysm.
A common iliac artery aneurysm involving the iliac bifurcation requires graft extension into external iliac artery and concurrent embolization of internal iliac artery to prevent retrograde endoleak.
The SOS catheter was advanced to the common iliac artery and another attempt was made utilizing the road map technique to select the left internal iliac artery for the purpose of embolization planning.
After selective catheterization of the left femoral artery, the injection of the right internal iliac artery was obtained.
Internal iliac artery aneurysm--a cause of leg swelling and cellulitis.
This case demonstrates the value of bilateral internal iliac artery embolisation when control of massive bleeding from a highly vascular sacral tumour is required.
In this case report, we present a case of critical lower limb ischaemia treated by endovascular revascularisation of the internal iliac artery.
On the right side, the right internal iliac artery (RIIA) was supplied by the right lumbar collateral artery, but the right external iliac artery (REIA) was occluded.
Flood pelvic aortogram demonstrated a small focus of active contrast pooling within the right prostatic bed, which was confirmed on selective right internal iliac artery angiogram (Fig.
Immediately lateral is the medial umbilical fold, which is the peritoneal covering of the obliterated umbilical artery, a branch of the superior vesical artery that comes off the anterior trunk of the internal iliac artery.
When simple massage of the uterus and uterotonics such as oxytocins, syntometrine and prostaglandins fail to manage the condition, surgical solutions including uterine artery ligation, devascularization of the uterus, internal iliac artery ligation and ultimately hysterectomy are employed.