internal combustion

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the combustion of fuel inside a cylinder (as in an internal-combustion engine)

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Continental, an automotive supplier, has announced that German automakers are likely to withdraw development of all internal combustion engines within six-years.
In the reference case, 8m EVs will have taken the place of an internal combustion powered vehicle by 2020.
More than 120 contributors from science and technology update this comprehensive reference on all aspects of internal combustion engines.
Most university courses in thermodynamics consider internal combustion engines, says Stone (engineering science, U.
The prototype was built by modifying a gasoline powered electrical generator with an 8:1 compression ratio internal combustion engine design.
Because the internal combustion engine is a compression device, too much of the fuel goes to feed it.
There is also research on alternative fuels such as syngas and hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines.
Though these technologies can be integrated into vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine or a hybrid powertrain, Dave Royce, director, Corporate Strategy, Siemens VDO says, "Under optimum conditions today's gas and diesel engines use less than 50% of the theoretically available energy for vehicle propulsion.
Fuel cells are cleaner than diesel turbines and other internal combustion engines.
The reason the auto industry is spending billions of dollars on fuel cells is because it sees the potential for a much better car than internal combustion can deliver, with improved performance, fuel economy, range and emissions, too.
According to Pinnacle, S-charger specializes in the development and application of advanced internal combustion technologies for motorcycles, automobiles and large heavy-duty engines.
And over the next 10 years, Honda also plans to rival its competitors in sales of hybrid vehicles that combine an internal combustion engine with an electric engine, such as the Insight, Civic and Accord models that are now available in the U.
Electric motors last longer than internal combustion engines," Scott Sutherland, excavator project manager for LBX Co.
Because ethanol produces about a third less energy than gasoline when burned in an internal combustion engine, you need a third more ethanol than gasoline to drive the car the same distance.
An existing internal combustion powerplant can be easily modified by connecting the internal combustion engine exhaust into the HRPG heat exchanger and then coupling the drive shafts of the HRPG engine and the existing internal combustion engine.
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