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Synonyms for course

Synonyms for course

a method used in dealing with something

a number of things placed or occurring one after the other

the compass direction in which a ship or an aircraft moves

to move freely as a liquid

Synonyms for course

a connected series of events or actions or developments


general line of orientation


Related Words

a line or route along which something travels or moves

a body of students who are taught together

(construction) a layer of masonry

facility consisting of a circumscribed area of land or water laid out for a sport

hunt with hounds

as might be expected

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The authors suggested that it is possible to treat MPA with short, intermittent courses of inhaled or oral corticosteroids taken when symptoms worsen because they did not find a difference between groups in morning peak flow expiratory flows, postbronchodilator FEV1, or exacerbations.
It is best treated with simple moisturisers and in severe cases intermittent courses of steroid ointments.
Treating patients with mild persistent asthma with short, intermittent courses of inhaled and oral corticosteroids as needed may be a viable treatment approach, according to results from the Improving Asthma Control Trial.
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