intermittent claudication

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lameness due to pain in leg muscles because the blood supply is inadequate

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Conclusion: The elasticity of healthy tendon decreased with intermittent claudication in patients.
Notice of Retraction: Potential vascular mechanisms of ramipril induced increases in walking ability in patients with intermittent claudication.
In our study, 29 patients with intermittent claudication, numbness, and pain in the legs were selected.
The report reviews key players involved in the therapeutics development for Intermittent Claudication and enlists all their major and minor projects
Whether you're preventing or treating PAD or intermittent claudication, Padma Basic has dozens of sound scientific studies to back up its effectiveness.
long distance walking, jogging and cycling while the subjects with PAD had the problem of intermittent claudication and hence they were reluctant to go for physical activity.
Many people don't experience any leg muscle discomfort or intermittent claudication until the artery is blocked or occluded by 60 percent or more.
Ahimastos and colleagues enrolled 212 patients with PAD and intermittent claudication in the double-blind trial, randomly assigning 106 to 6 months of ramipril (10 mg/d) and 106 to matching placebo.
Specifically, they address animal physiology and circadian photoresponses, complications in high caloric diet-fed rats, young wild-type mice and serotonin-related variables, the neurogenesis of peripuberal and adult rabbits, monkeys and taste development, intermittent claudication in canines, the body mechanics of moving cats, wound repair in horses, genetic factors of scrotal hernia in commercial pigs, the acute heat stress effect on milk serotonin of cows, insect physiology and detection of moving targets, honey bee queen physiology and insemination, high heat effect on city ants, hemolymph flow in grasshoppers' hearts, and sexual maturity and swimming in male silver eels.
Intermittent claudication is defined as fatigue, discomfort, or pain that occurs in specific lower limb muscle groups during effort as the result of exercise-induced ischemia that is usually relieved by rest (1).
Based on the clinical signs and results of the diagnostic workup, the presumptive diagnosis was intermittent claudication, a condition caused by peripheral vascular disease and defined as intermittent weakness and pain in the legs induced by exercise and relieved by rest.
Chief symptoms were intermittent claudication, rest pain, gangrene of toes and ulceration at tip of toes or foot (Table 2).
In a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, researchers set out to determine whether asymptomatic lower extremity peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and leg symptoms other than intermittent claudication (IC) in PAD are associated with taster functional decline than in people with both PAD and IC.
The pain of intermittent claudication is felt, particularly during exercise.
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