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Synonyms for intermittent

Synonyms for intermittent

happening or appearing now and then

Words related to intermittent

stopping and starting at irregular intervals

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An employee who is needed to care for a family member with a serious health condition and who provides the requested medical certification may take the leave on an intermittent or reduced work schedule basis when medically necessary.
The ambIT Continuous infusion pump and the ambIT Intermittent infusion pump provide the same level of volumetric accuracy and are generally one-fourth the size and weight as other ambulatory infusion pumps.
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibody to Gnathostoma antigen in patients with intermittent cutaneous migratory swelling.
There was no significant association among children with intermittent asthma and negative behaviors.
Acceptance and compliance of clean intermittent catheterization among Saudi patients.
Expect parking restrictions and intermittent delays as work continues in the following West University alleys: between East 14th Avenue and East 15th Avenue from Alder to Kincaid Street; between Mill Street and High Street from East 13th Avenue to the half alley; between East 14th Avenue and East 15th Avenue from Hilyard Street to Alder Street; between Oak Street and Pearl Street from East 16th Avenue to the Amazon Channel
Christopher Logothetis, chair of genitourinary medical oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, said in an interview that another trial is unlikely to be conducted and that the current findings make intermittent therapy the preferred treatment.
The aim of this study was to compare continuous and intermittent filling cystometry with a filling rate of 50 ml/min in patients with spinal cord injury who had detrusor overactivity.
To determine whether intermittent hypoxia (IH) and chronic hypoxia (CH) would have different metabolic effects, Dr.
The findings from Chou and colleagues add to growing literature highlighting the importance of the specific role of SDB-related intermittent hypoxia in lipid metabolism.
The most common physical therapy interventions for lymphedema include a combination of skin care, isotonic exercise, manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging and intermittent compression therapy.
CHILDREN diagnosed with intermittent exotropia are at a higher risk of developing a mental illness by young adulthood than children without strabismus, according to new research.
has announced the introduction of Magic3(TM), its new line of intermittent urinary catheters.
Supervised treadmill exercise improves treadmill walking performance in people with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) who have symptoms of intermittent claudication.
Infrared (IR) heating controlled by intermittent heating is able to simultaneously dry-blanch and dehydrate apple slices while at the same time giving them desirable quality.