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the quality of being intermittent

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This shedding intermittency may have strong implications for the control of leptospirosis on livestock, mainly on the strategic decision about employing or not antimicrobial agents.
But despite all efforts to convert excess electrical power to hydrogen, methane, heat, or other storable commodities, and despite all progress made in battery research, storing the electricity necessary to solve Germany's intermittency problem remains technologically, economically, and politically out of reach.
The series inverter is responsible for compensating the voltage sags and swells and the shunt inverter is responsible for active/reactive power support and renewable intermittency smoothing.
The "puncture of the fin" introduces not only the temporal intermittency of anxiety.
V2G could also help buffer renewable power flowing in to the grid by storing excess energy produced during windy periods, and send it back when needed, stabilising the intermittency problem.
7%) was predominant factors for causing symptoms of LUTS in almost all age groups, However sense of incomplete emptying (0%), intermittency (1.
As an increasing amount of renewables are placed to the grid, there is an inherent intermittency in power generation related to both wind and cloud cover.
It is into this space that Andrew Gibson intrepidly goes with his work Intermittency.
Chapter three treats generation of electricity from harnessed marine energy, including hookup of primary energy capture systems to generators, the electrical grid, and issues of intermittency.
Desalination is an ideal use of renewables, because intermittency is not a problem due to the fact that water can be stored easily and relatively cheaply.
The problem of the intermittency of most methods of renewable energy generation has been solved by American scientists who developed a new type of battery which can store several days' production from wind farms, then release the energy when required.
If Germany is to meet its ambitious goals of getting a third of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020, at least 50 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050, it must find a way to store huge quantities of electricity in order to make up for the intermittency of renewable energy.
In the following study, wind resource is characterized using metrics that highlight these intermittency issues, therefore identifying areas of high and low wind power reliability in southern Africa at different time scales.
RAEC will determine how much of the new capacity can be sourced from renewable technology after considering solar and wind resources in the area, the implications for security of supply arising from intermittency, and project economics.
As countries seek to meet renewable energy targets, extra costs include subsidies, direct grid connection, backup reserves to cover intermittency and short-term grid balancing.