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Synonyms for intermezzo

a short movement coming between the major sections of a symphony

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a short piece of instrumental music composed for performance between acts of a drama or opera

a brief show (music or dance etc) inserted between the sections of a longer performance

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As a tribute to the evening, the Intermezzo Lounge will also offer some Spanish tapas, as well as other wines, beer and sodas, coffees and desserts.
We know people love Intermezzo and we don't want to lose them and lose the vibe.
Examples of such statements include, but are not limited to, statements relating to the structure, timing and completion of Transcept's merger with Paratek, including the timing and amount of the pre-closing dividend and any other dividend or future payment in connection therewith; Transcept's continued listing on NASDAQ after the merger; possible future royalties on INTERMEZZO sales, future payments from SNBL in connection with the assignment of Transcept's rights to TO-2070 and potential proceeds from any sale of INTERMEZZO assets; the size of the Intermezzo reserve excess, if any; and expectations regarding voting by Transcept and Paratek stockholders.
118) found Kissin making sense of the uneasy density of the composer's shift-ing, complex textures, culminating in that extraordinary Intermezzo which begins with no texture at all, and which Kissin gave with a compelling air of tension.
The smaller of the two blocks on Lime Street, to the east of Newcastle city centre, will house a cafe, similar in style to the company's Intermezzo outlet in Newcastle city centre, while the rear block will hold a restaurant.
Oetker is also miniaturizing its line of Intermezzo warm snacks.
As Classic FM presenter Stephen Fry puts it in his characteristically colourful way: "From Adagio to Zipoli, by way of Intermezzo and Tavener, this perfect little book takes all the mystique out of classical music, pulling off the trick of being neither pompous nor patronising".
Here, switched from their original order, the Intermezzo and the Scherzo from Piano Concerto no.
At half-time Sacher and other corps members waited patiently as the Longhorn band played music not normally heard at half-time - ginger versions of the intermezzo from Bizet's ``Carmen'' and ``Amazing Grace.
The Transcept management team developed Intermezzo from concept to its approval by the FDA in 2011.
Oetker of Bielefeld, Germany, has added one more item to its Intermezzo line of warm snacks: Ham-Pineapple-Sour Cream.
Intermezzo is a series of duets with the six-member ensemble from time to time swooping around a moonlit garden that was almost too dark to see on opening night.
The 18-floor tower provides every guest a room with a private balcony and ocean view, along with access to the 3,500-square-foot Intermezzo Day Spa, Aruba's largest full-service luxury spa and fitness center.
Oetker's new line of Intermezzo "little lunches," launched in January, feature baguette-type snacks in four different varieties.
We have wanted to do a work by Eliot Feld for a long time," Russell says, "and believe Intermezzo is one of his best.