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Synonyms for intermeshed

caught as if in a mesh


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(used of toothed parts or gears) interlocked and interacting

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The 225 works collected here are from the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and they tell the story of that state's art, including discussion of aesthetic movements and of the combination of Native American, Hispanic, and European cultural traditions that have intermeshed there since the arrival of the railroad in 1879.
1b, the left and the right screws with the SFs are intermeshed with each other only in the tips and the roots.
Because the twin SFs are intermeshed with each other only in the roots and the tips, the interface areas of the films wiped on the channel roots, [[a.
Gary Schoenberger, vice president of Operations for William Penn Life Insurance, explained that productivity and employee health are intermeshed.