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the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement

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The bank's loan portfolio only represents 30% of total assets, a low intermediation figure compared to any Latin American bank.
of Guatemala with the objective of continuing the financing of operations that are part of CABEI's financial intermediation programs.
Their topics include a framework for thinking about intermediation in logistics management, the need for new forms of financial intermediation, textile and clothing exporting firms' evaluation of logistics service providers' capacities and logistics outsourcing performance, and the perceived quality of an intermediary and its relations with image and perceived value: an insight from the case of airline alliances.
Get a detailed picture of the Monetary Intermediation market;
The large amounts of credit intermediation provided by the shadow banking system contributed to asset price appreciation in residential and commercial real estate markets prior to the financial crisis and to the expansion of credit more generally.
According to Gurley and Shaw (1960) and Hestre (1969), financial intermediation is a process where financial transactions between borrowers and savers take place through the banking system.
Intermediation costs generate a wedge between loan and deposit rates, with interest payments on loans higher than the return on deposits.
It does, however, intend to further the dialogue on international workforce initiatives and the requisite workforce intermediation functions.
Hewitt and Aon provide human capital, financial management consulting and insurance intermediation services.
Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan on Tuesday urged Japan to implement structural reform to restore a financial intermediation system in its banking sector.
Fractional research banking is not financial intermediation but credit creation.
The essence of knowledge management can only be viewed within the context of a knowledge complexity continuum and the level of intermediation, externalization, internalization, or cognition that is needed within an organization.
The reduced depository intermediation stemmed from emerging problems of asset quality, which, in turn, prompted both the pulling back of depositories from lending and responses by regulators that reinforced those tendencies.
Inspired by the seminal work of McKinnon [Money and Capital in Economic Development, 1973] and Shaw [Financial Deepening in Economic Development, 1973], the literature on economic development has focused considerable attention on the relationship between financial intermediation and economic growth.
The objective of the analysis is to reveal the effectiveness of financial intermediation in the process of wealth accumulation and transformation of savings into capital.