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the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement

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00), currency of the United States of America, to finance or carry out operations enmaquen programs of financial intermediation CABEI for the borrower be eligible under the provisions contained in each program.
Total nondepository credit intermediation (NAICS code 5222) revenue was $564.
According to Global Shadow Banking Monitoring Report 2013 of Financial Stability Board, the 'macro-mapping' measure based on 'Other Financial Intermediaries' (OFIs) which encompass 80 per cent of global GDP and 90 per cent of global financial system assets, indicates that non-bank financial intermediation grew by $5 trillion in 2012 to reach $71 trillion.
The large amounts of credit intermediation provided by the shadow banking system contributed to asset price appreciation in residential and commercial real estate markets prior to the financial crisis and to the expansion of credit more generally.
Intermediation costs generate a wedge between loan and deposit rates, with interest payments on loans higher than the return on deposits.
The problem in Japan is a rupture in their financial intermediation process -- meaning moving savings into investment,'' Greenspan told the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.
Its interpersonal focus positions intermediation primarily within the realm of tacit knowledge.
Increasing the volume of savings often is termed mobilization, while more efficient intermediation equalizes the rate of return across the economy and yields greater output for a given amount of savings.
The reduced depository intermediation stemmed from emerging problems of asset quality, which, in turn, prompted both the pulling back of depositories from lending and responses by regulators that reinforced those tendencies.
The objective of the analysis is to reveal the effectiveness of financial intermediation in the process of wealth accumulation and transformation of savings into capital.
0), currency of the United States of America to the Bank BCT, SA, to finance or carry out transactions that fall within the programs of financial intermediation CABEI for the borrower is eligible under the provisions contained in the program.
Still, if its effects have been widespread, its origins were narrower: the crisis had its roots in the financial sector and manifested itself first through disruptions in the system of financial intermediation.
This paper provides a empirical evidence that the financial intermediation disturbances can generate business cycles.
The partnerships engage in the credit intermediation business as principal.
The credit intermediation was provided by IXIS Financial Products Inc.