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marry within the same ethnic, social, or family group

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Within each group the chances of intermarrying increase for spouses who speak either or both of the languages of the Canadian and Quebec majorities, which can increase opportunities (structural) and improve proximity to the other's culture.
The semi-literate fishermen-traders promoted peace by intermarrying with and adopting customs of the native Mikmaq, who in turn blended the Acadians' Catholicism with their own religion and looked upon the Acadians as family instead of encroachers.
Alexander and his descendants, intermarrying over the years with the French Canadian population, remained seigneurs of Riviere-du-Loup until the end of the regime in 1854 and one of Alexander grandsons, William Fraser, became mayor of 'Fraserville' in the mid-nineteenth century.
In the 1970's Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians, Muslims, Christians lived side by side in the same buildings, on the same streets, working in the same shops, profoundly influencing each other's ideas and behavior, frequently intermarrying, and often becoming each other's closest friends.
For more than 200 years they have existed, only a handful of them, intermarrying, seldom leaving the island and, by and large, very happy.
Hundreds of years of intermarrying among the aristocracy and here's what we're left with - the British equivalent of banjo-playing, Appalachian inbreeds.
Are the second and third generations of non-English-speaking ancestries who have married outside their ethnic group intermarrying with the Anglo-Celtic Australian majority or with people of similar ethnicities?
Our main concern is that our future children may be put at risk because of our families intermarrying (our mothers are twins).
Tradition has it that they came from Ulster and, although there was much intermarrying throughout the generations, the Presbyterian strain remained strong.
In intermarrying, the Jewish partner's links to the Jewish community might well have been severed.
It's no wonder: The designer boasts a preternatural talent for intermarrying colors in fresh, unexpected ways.
Whitley, who discovered the human remains in this area while doing consulting work for Newhall Land in 1994, said the two tribes were small, intermarrying over the centuries.
Broyhill showed three patterns correlating wovens from Culp, intermarrying deep red tones.
As New York Times reporter Jason dePerle summed up in his October 9, 1994, article on Murray: "Smart people intermarrying will produce smart children; the disadvantaged will pass down their intractable handicaps; and the gap between the classes will grow.
Basically, The Bell Curve attempts to show that people with high IQs, by intermarrying, are producing an intelligent class that will always run things.