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Synonyms for interlocutor

the performer in the middle of a minstrel line who engages the others in talk


a person who takes part in a conversation

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iJustcall tells you why your interlocutor is calling before you take the call ("I'm calling for a new project").
ISLAMABAD -- Former Indian interlocutor on Kashmir and Chief Information Commissioner, MM Ansari, has said that Indian army establishment did not want international agencies to supply aid to flood victims in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).
In February 2010, when accompanying the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on a three-day visit to Saudi Arabia, Tharoor had said, "we feel that Saudi Arabia has a long and close relationship with Pakistan, that makes Saudi Arabia even more a valuable interlocutor for us.
After discourse to ease the tense atmosphere both in the society and among political parties, Davutoy-lu said, "Now I am the interlocutor [for the opposition parties].
In the coming week, there will be a series of meetings both with the team of the interlocutor as well as with the leaders of the political parties in order for them to be briefed on an important project that is being carried out by the interlocutor's team and so that that we can have the reaction of the party leaders at a follow-up conference certainly beforeSeptember 2.
It uses this comprehension to determine if its interlocutor has got the "joke" it has just told, said scientists.
On the other hand, his interlocutor Ivica Bocevski, analyst and former Deputy PM, said that Albanians must have understanding for Macedonians in regards to this issue as it is a sensitive one.
A statement by the Committee said that Shaykhli touched with her interlocutor means of following-up meeting on this field, noting that both sides reviewed the draft laws on human rights, including the law of family violence, violence against women, law of freedom of expression and law on handicapped people, social security and others as well .
They use the interlocutor role to create rapport, diffuse tensions, and manufacture interactions.
Turkey would not regard the Greek Cypriot administration as an interlocutor during its EU term presidency, but Turkey's relations with the EU would continue, he said.
LEFKOSA, July 20, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that "no one should expect us to be an interlocutor of the leader of Greek Cypriot administration".
Brussels - With the approval of the new constitution, Morocco consolidates its position as a credible interlocutor and privileged partner of the European Union (EU), said Monday Gilles Pargneaux, chairman of the EU-Morocco friendship group at the European Parliament.
The lodge will be run by STC on a $100,000 annual contribution from the Office of the Federal Interlocutor for Metis People and Non-Status Indians.
Both in the production and interpretation of spoken language, as in the example I adopted for the analysis in the following section, the contextual information and its features serve to orient the verbal and non-verbal choices the interlocutor should select in the production and to identify the implicit meaning of the conversation in the interpretation.