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Synonyms for interlocking

contact by fitting together

the act of interlocking or meshing

linked or locked closely together as by dovetailing

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There Are Two (2) 60hz Power Distribution Systems Associated With The Interlocking Rehabilitation, State Interlocking East End And State Interlocking West End Distribution Systems.
Chapter Six Interlocking Intramedullary Nail Industry Chain and Marketing Channels Analysis
This theory states that interlocking directorates are established in order to reduce environmental uncertainty.
Trapped key interlocking is an ideal method of safeguarding machinery or potentially dangerous areas.
Integrating mechanical interlocking systems within common infrastructures for plant control and plant safety also fits within the notion that ultimately all processes within a facility should be interconnected.
Fortress Interlocks Ltd in Wolverhampton, UK has merged with sister interlocking company Fortress Systems Pty Ltd, in Melbourne, Australia.
Under the $103 million SEC contract, Parsons will provide systemwide planning and final design for the railroad's track, power, signal, and communication systems from Sunnyside Yard in Queens to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan, including interlocking improvement to support operations at LIRR's Harold and proposed new interlocking facilities.
Construction of the light rail interlocking renewal as part of the existing signaling system Interlocking building with building and installing air conditioning, etc.
Safety interlocking specialist Fortress Interlocks was presented with the Queen's Award for International Trade in a recent presentation at the company's new headquarters in Wolverhampton.
Its on-screen interlocking pieces form wonderful color pictures from as few as 15 to more than a thousand pieces, at the player's option.
Midlands construction group Weaver PLC has started work on a new 3 million [pounds sterling] state-of-the-art headquarters for market-leading safety interlocking specialists, Fortress Interlocks of Wolverhampton.
Optional sound effects (requires sound card), animation and game table variations accompany the action as players slide the pictured interlocking 3D pieces into place.
The website offers detailed descriptions of the Fortress safety interlocking product range.
eGard is a compact and lightweight system that brings the functionality of interlocking to an area dominated by lower capability products.
It starts with a 'Principles of Interlocking' section, which helps the viewer to understand the concept of interlocking, whilst an application section provides guidance as to which interlock systems will best suit their requirements.