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written between lines of text


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A minor technical quibble concerns the at times irregular interlinear transcription.
13) Deuteronomy 19:14, interlinear translations and interpretations from the Septuagint and King James Version.
Later, an interlinear rubric both explains and directs Sensuality's action, 'Sensualitas homini fructum uetitum offert' [Sensuality offers Man the forbidden fruit] (f 14r, 8).
A translation that tries to identify with original finally approaches an interlinear version and greatly eases our understanding of the original.
The editors aim for a very literal translation of the LXX, which they conceptualize as "a Greek interlinear translation of a Hebrew original within a Hebrew-Greek diglot" whose purpose was "bringing the Greek reader to the Hebrew original rather than bringing the Hebrew original to the Greek reader" (p.
In other words, a hybrid is born, that belongs completely to neither the source culture, nor the target culture --it belongs partially to both, being transparent both ways, like a gateway open simultaneously towards the source and the target culture, hence it being adequate to compare this hybrid with an interlinear (perhaps even such a one as that which led to the decryption of hieroglyphs):
These manuscripts show Carter composing as a poet: his Greek text is an interlinear found poem evoking the ancient choral voice cut and pasted together from fragments.
In Passage 2, B2 (118r) omits the underlined portion, but in B3 (40r) this underlined portion appears as an interlinear insertion.
Augustine's (Canterbury) around 720730, and the interlinear Old English gloss was added in the mid-ninth century.
There are four extant manuscripts of a 14th-century anonymous interlinear Latin-to-Middle English glossed prose translation of the Book of Psalms, 11 canticles, and the Athanasian Creed.
The version in the holograph, which may not necessarily have been the first, is not as stark as the final version, which is written, interlinear, over the subsequent typed text several months later in the comparative safety of Taos.
Se alguns dos argumentos sao repetidos, destaea-se, pela inovacao, a sua analise do hiato interlinear e da antilabe.
Hans Ulrich Schmid's "A New Heliand Fragment from the Leipzig University Library" describes the fragment's physical composition, date, paleography, text, language, interlinear glosses, and relation to MS C (the only other Heliand manuscript containing the text found in L).
This procedure yielded 34 eagles and four vultures, each of which was cross-referenced with the Hebrew Interlinear Bible (Old Testament) or the Greek Interlinear Bible (New Testament).
An interlinear Greek text and English translation accompany the verse by verse comparison of the four schools of interpretation presented in parallel columns.