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provide (books) with blank leaves

intersperse the sectors on the concentric magnetic circular patterns written on a computer disk surface to guide the storing and recording of data

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intersperse alternately, as of protective covers for book illustrations

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So, interleave correction is necessary for each of the composite ADCs.
The device is a single flash converter with 8 bits of resolution that samples at 10 Gs/s and eliminates interleaving problems because there are no subconverters to interleave.
Catalytic MCS has the ability to interleave original MATLAB code as comments in generated C code for further documentation of the algorithm.
ISS is also warning customers about an additional vulnerability announced by Microsoft today in Windows Audio Video Interleave (AVI) file parsing.
Noise and EMI control via frequency synchronization and programmable phase interleave
The SDA 11000 will employ our new Digital Bandwidth Interleave (DBI) technology, which makes it possible to extend the bandwidth of a given silicon platform by up to a factor of four times.