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provide (books) with blank leaves

intersperse the sectors on the concentric magnetic circular patterns written on a computer disk surface to guide the storing and recording of data

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intersperse alternately, as of protective covers for book illustrations

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The DSAM also includes an advanced digital board which demodulates QAM carriers configured with deep interleave depth setting of I and J parameters equal to 128 and 4 respectively, typical in 256 QAM modulated carriers used for digital video transmission.
Catalytic MCS has the ability to interleave original MATLAB code as comments in generated C code for further documentation of the algorithm.
Many Cellblock users have expressed a desire to be able to post and watch video clips in real-time and interleave photos and video within a single embeddable player", said Eric Conn, Co-founder of Gloto Corp.
The PNX5130 is able to drive two different types of 3DTV display technologies used today: frame interleave, which it can support at 240Hz, as well as line interleave.
Cut a deck of cards and interleave the resulting halves.