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Synonyms for interlacing

linked or locked closely together as by dovetailing

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The narrow valley, with its steep and close adjoining sides draperied with vines, and arched overhead with a fret-work of interlacing boughs, nearly hidden from view by masses of leafy verdure, seemed from where I stood like an immense arbour disclosing its vista to the eye, whilst as I advanced it insensibly widened into the loveliest vale eye ever beheld.
The soil, slightly undulating, here and there rose into little conical hills; there were no mountains visible on the horizon; immense brambly palisades, impenetrable hedges of thorny jungle, separated the clearings dotted with numerous villages, and immense euphorbiae surrounded them with natural fortifications, interlacing their trunks with the coral-shaped branches of the shrubbery and undergrowth.
Heberlein (part of Saurer Components AG) introduced new developments in Air Interlacing and Air Texturing.
Numerical examples were given to illustrate that, in general, if t or k is greater than 2, interlacing of zeros need not necessarily occur.
He includes the interpolated stories among the patterns of interlacing and underlines the unity of the text through "repetitions of motifs, parallel actions, and direct verbal echoes" (ix).
Interlacing is a video display technique whereby all odd numbered horizontal scan lines are updated first, and all even-numbered scan lines are updated next.
The carpet in the James Joyce ballroom is a bold design with Celtic interlacing and a central acanthus flower, using the same rich colours.
During the Gaelic Revival at the turn of the last century, Celtic artwork, with its interlacing patterns, was esteemed as a symbol of Ireland's glorious, independent past.
To illustrate these three central points (the innovative structure and semantics of the Furioso and their function as response to historical crisis), I will focus on canto 17, which offers a particularly interesting example of interlacing several different formal elements.