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hold in a locking position

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In this case, we have [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] different interlacements.
This phenotypical classification arises from the stage of cultural development at which a particular social structure appears, whether undifferentiated or differentiated, from the influence of local cultural characteristics; enkaptic interlacements with other, differently qualified, structures; and subjective individuality, making, for example, my marriage or family uniquely different from others.
The point here is that the individuality of existents, particularly of a societal structural principle that governs the internal functioning of individuality structures, is coupled with a theory of their interrelationships that Dooyeweerd calls "enkaptic interlacements.
Although interlacements between global, regional and local developments led to Israel's social and political antagonisms, as this paper shall demonstrate, the new historiography was an Israeli affair par excellence.
Beginning with the preface, the book asserts the interlacements between the global, regional and local developments in the making of the Middle East and the Palestine question.