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hold in a locking position

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We may explain this as authorial foreshadowing, or interlacement, as Shippey calls it, which is certainly accurate, but Tolkien consistently makes the telling choice of placing his foreshadowings in the mouths of his characters (Road 167).
The 3D textile composites have reasonably resistance to crack propagation due to heavy tow interlacement.
The Christian interlacement, not to say equalization, of artes liberales and philosophy (see Kobusch 1989:634, Reckermann 1976:1367-1372) had its foundation in the divine act of creation: the God, who had made the world, had to be classified, without doubt, not as a theorist dealing with abstract notions, nor as a practic concerned with moral aspects of action, but first of all as a poietes, a maker, characterized foremost by his power to bring forth things.
Now, according to Dooyeweerd, the law-ordered structuration of reality is three-dimensional: (1) modal aspects, (2) typical law, and (3) enkaptic interlacement.
Etymologically, the word "text," in addition to evoking authority (the Scriptures, especially the Gospels, are known as the "Holy Text" or, simply, the "Text"), connotes the idea of weaving and, more extensively, of interlacement.
At this point, the plot of Book 3 splits into several strands, and the interlacement of plot-strands that Spenser learned from Ariosto and medieval romance begins.
Thermometric sensor selected was a thermocouple, by the manual interlacement of decoated copper and constantan wires, both 0.
so it cannot be overcome in a passage to a new body--a technical body or a wholly political or glorious body--in which a different economy of pleasures and vital functions would once and for all resolve the interlacement of zoe and bios .