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According to Juteau, in the power structure regulating group interaction, the stronger or more dominant group will usually attempt to deter members of the weaker one from determining their historical agency according to idiosyncratic historical specificities, preferring that they instead interiorize a simplistic framework of their past experiences that the stronger one usually imposes.
It is one thing to display interest in another's life and perhaps even contribute to changing that life; it is quite another to interiorize an alien standpoint and to undergo change oneself.
If we can recognize Emerson's equation of the domestic interior of the personal home with the domestic interior of the town and then the continent at large, we can begin to see that, as there is a value in ornamenting the home, a la Benjamin, so there is a value in ornamenting the continent, in order to interiorize it for the American.
Jung believed that such integration would lead us to the next stage in the evolution of consciousness, and it may be that this will happen as we interiorize our electronic communications.
Thus, the significance of these oppositions lies not only in their substance, but in the ways in which the Utopian 'form itself seems to interiorize differences .
By the same token, filmmakers from the Balkans interiorize exotic and preconceived notions about the region and thematize them in their films, thereby catering to this "psychological predisposition" (84) of Western Europeans, as with Ilie Pintilie's O primavara de neuitat / An Unforgettable Summer (1994), Milcho Manchevski's Pred dozhdot / Before the Rain (1994), and Theo Angelopoulos's To vlemma tou Odyssea / Ulysses" Gaze (1995).
We are coming to realize we cannot live on the "outside" of these times, we must interiorize nature back into the heart of being human, into the sacred love and connectedness of all life.
When, however, Christmas began to interiorize, when gifts began flowing not outside the home from adult to adult but rather inside the home from family member to family member, especially from parent to child, practical gifts from the household became quite unattractive.
The attempt to commercialize, to interiorize the Internet into proprietary relationships has run into enormous problems.
We interiorize the law of our freedom through the intellect and through love.