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a door that closes off rooms within a building

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Luxus tested the new Hycolene material by molding an interior door trim component for the Nissan Qashqai.
The website offers an extensive collection of interior doors of different styles and materials.
The ultra-high-flow resin reduces the weight and mass as well as the cost of the thin-wall automotive interior door panel, while meeting GM performance requirements, reports Dow.
CraftMaster Conmore hollow core interior door evokes genuine style of a traditional five-panel door.
Once the individual enters the bank and the interior door closes, the exterior entry door releases -- permitting the next customer to enter the bank.
CMI's new CraftMaster([R]) Conmore([TM]) molded, flat-panel interior door combines classic panel design with a smooth-surfaced elegance, making it ideal for a wide range of home styles and personal decorating preferences.
With slight modification it can be applied to interior door handles, too.
K-M will showcase components such as instrument panels and interior door trim that contain up to 50% glass, as well as new applications using natural fibers.
Conceivably, the composite could be used to make strong, lightweight interior door panels with integral attachment points for switches, armrests and contrasting trim pieces, without the need for painting or finishing its surface.
is a new type of energy-absorbing foam for auto headliners, interior door panels, pillar trim, ankle bolsters, and steering-column covers.
More Opportunities for Innovative Custom Carved Interior Door Line
The compression molds then close to form complete, fabric-lined interior door panels for the S-class Mercedes Benz.
The move expands CMI's manufacturing network and is aimed at helping the company grow its international molded interior door business, particularly in Asia, India and the Middle East, while better positioning CMI for the domestic new construction market recovery.
interior door panels with HPL coating and steel Umfassungszargen (two-piece);- 6 St.
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