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the angle inside two adjacent sides of a polygon

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JH: When you say angle AOB, do you mean the interior angle or the exterior angle?
P]AOB is equal to the interior angle P of the spherical triangle [delta]APB.
The terms deflection angle and interior angle are used to describe two of the types of angles used in surveying.
He tried to determine the angle measurement of the decagon's larger interior angle by using symbolic numeral manipulation; he subtracted 180[degrees] - 36[degrees] = 144[degrees], but he could not decide what to do with the result.
The interior angle at F shrinks while those at A and B grow, and we need to find the particular values for A, B, and F that satisfy the third geodesic goal mentioned in the text.
Table 9-1 illustrates that two types of data must be collected, the length of the side and the interior angle.
Caption: Students measuring interior angles of a regular octagonal building.
Since m[angle]DPQ = m[angle]PQR, (because trapezium PQC'D' is a reflection of trapezium PQCD along the line segment PQ) and m[angle]DPQ = m[angle]RPQ (because alternate interior angles are congruent when a transversals intersects two parallel lines), APQR is an isosceles triangle with m[angle]PQR = m[angle]RPQ.
Perhaps, if we could have such an acquaintance, we could know directly and unhypothetically that its interior angles sum to two right angles.
The quadrilateral's interior angles always add up to 360
Small letters denote the sum of the interior angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.
All students were given the exact instructions on using pattern blocks to understand the relationship of interior angles in various polygons.
which satisfies the property that for any triangle T with interior angles [alpha], [beta] and [gamma], there exists a triangle T* whose sides have lengths f([alpha]), f([beta]) and f([gamma]).
5) Why is the sum of the measures of the interior angles of a triangle 180[degrees]?
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