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Synonyms for interim

Synonyms for interim

an interval during which continuity is suspended

intended, used, or present for a limited time

temporarily assuming the duties of another

Synonyms for interim

the time between one event, process, or period and another

serving during an intermediate interval of time

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Erin, Bumsand Ospringe, Knox; Fulltime minister for two-point charge; Interim Moderator Rev.
New interim Prime Minister Bliznashki vowed his cabinet will strictly uphold Bulgaria's Constitution to safeguard transparency, rule of law and democratic development.
Interim Partners said demand is being driven by businesses that have gaps in their senior management teams, but feel that the weak economic outlook makes it too risky for them to make full-time hires.
Contact Interim Bank on tel 07890 845634 or visit www.
So can anyone become an interim in the grocery industry?
The Interim University Center currently offers eight bachelor's degrees, seven credentials, seven master's degrees and one doctorate in majors such as liberal studies, communication and areas of education and business administration.
The interim can help alleviate whatever fears the medical staff might have.
The interim final rules specify the circumstances in which creditors may share medically related information among affiliates without becoming consumer reporting agencies.
In practical terms, this means a soldier wearing the new ITH headset has a better chance of identifying the direction of incoming sniper fire than a soldier wearing the older interim headset," said Claiborne.
One reality driving the interim trend is shortened CFO tenure.
With its timeliness, SAS 100 underscores the SEC requirement that a registrant, before filing its Form 10-Q, engage an independent accountant to review its interim financial information in accordance with this SAS.
He has threatened to boycott the interim (temporary) government if the constitution is not changed.
Companies reporting results today included: Armitage Bros interim pre-tax profits were pounds 780,000 (pounds 670,000), EPS 14.
It's no wonder then that today's market has been a boon for interim CEOs.
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