intergalactic space

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the space between galaxies

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This study also clarifies the role of the Great Attractor, a gravitational focal point in intergalactic space that influences the motion of our Local Group of galaxies and other galaxy clusters.
In fact, it may have already left the galaxy and be sailing out into intergalactic space.
Ram pressure has strung this gas away from its home in the spiral galaxy and out over intergalactic space.
We were taken on a musical version of a time machine and the orchestra donned pirate hats, swimming goggles, stetsons and sunglasses as the music leapt from the wild west to intergalactic space.
Yes, on the surface it may look like an intergalactic space opera, but at heart the latest version of Who is just a glorified sitcom with special effects, and that's no bad thing.
A journey inside the block is like being on an intergalactic space trip.
Because it also gives directions on how little green men and the crews of flying saucers, UFOs and Intergalactic Space Fleets can find us down here on Earth.
The sci-fi story, told in one act, follows an earnest intergalactic space custodian as he searches strange planets, seeking to retrieve his stolen eyeglasses.
Leckey superimposes fantastic backgrounds "'behind" the refrigerator, so that the box appears to be transported into pastoral fields, intergalactic space, primordial Stonehenge-like scenes, psychedelic vegetable bins, demos for other Samsung products.
StarCraft II Wings of Liberty (Blizzard Entertainment): Action game in which success hinges on resource management, long-term strategic thinking and, okay, intergalactic space battle.
Orphans one day, intergalactic space travelers the next.
Whether you're traversing the canyons of a barren world or dueling with intergalactic space pirates, the graphics emulate that vintage sci-fi feel.
The intergalactic space vessels still look like 17th century sailing ships, but with sails powered by solar rays rather than wind.
Intergalactic space is believed to consist of a collisionless plasma mostly of hydrogen.
The plasma model asserts that we certainly will find plasma in interstellar space, and even in the greater intergalactic space.