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an antiviral protein produced by cells that have been invaded by a virus

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com/research/z2dllw/global_interferon) has announced the addition of the "Global Interferon Market & Pipeline Analysis 2015" report to their offering.
Depression and suicide have been reported to occur with increased frequency in patients receiving interferon compounds, including interferon beta-1b.
The 23rd "Milstein Awards" ceremony will be held at the 2011 annual meeting of the International Society of Interferon and Cytokine Research (ISICR) on Sunday, October 9, in Florence, Italy.
Amgen said its new drug is ``safe and effective'' in treating chronic hepatitis C virus and is ``more effective'' in reducing the virus in patients with HCV genotype 1 when compared with another interferon treatment.
But health economists Dr Malcolm Kendrick and Dr Kian Johnson maintain that the real health service cost per healthy year of beta interferon treatment is likely to be between pounds 27,000 and pounds 38,000.
Our human leukocyte interferon has been approved by the Swedish regulatory authorities as an alternative therapy for patients afflicted with any disease that fail or cannot tolerate recombinant (synthetic) interferon regimens.
The first of these therapies, interferon beta-1b (Betaseron[R]), began clinical trials in 1988 and was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for widespread use in 1993.
In contrast, the interferon treatment proved effective and tolerable in only about 11 percent of the people originally assigned to receive it.
The pegylated alfa-2a interferon combination led to significantly higher rates of relapse than the consensus interferon combination.
Combining these benefits with the manufacturing advantages provided by the LEX System may result in a far superior and more cost-effective version of alfa interferon than what is currently commercially available," said Jan Turek, president and CEO of Biolex.
The study was prompted by the hypothesis that once MS is controlled for several years using a high-dose, high-frequency beta interferon regimen, it might be possible to maintain the beneficial immunological and clinical effects using lower doses or less frequent applications of beta interferon.
The washout period (days from completion of at least 12 weeks of compliant pegylated interferon and ribavirin therapy to the first dose of Infergen in the DIRECT trial) had a significant impact on viral response as well.
study will enroll patients who received initial treatment with pegylated interferon and ribavirin and achieve a >2log10 decline in HCV RNA at week 12 but still have detectable virus.
There is now clear evidence that high dose and frequent therapy with interferon beta-1b is superior to the current dosing of once weekly with interferon beta-1a.
The interferon beta produced by the bacteria was purified by Dr.
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