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any measuring instrument that uses interference patterns to make accurate measurements of waves

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We present a split-beam neutron interferometric experiment to test the non-cyclic geometric phase tied to the spatial evolution of the system: the subjacent two-dimensional Hilbert space is spanned by the two possible paths in the interferometer and the evolution of the state is controlled by phase shifters and absorbers.
This is accomplished by positioning a quartz phase shifter across the two beams traversing the interferometer and rotating the angle, [delta], about the mounting axis.
first production fizeau interferometer, the reference software and a transmission plane
The researchers had already used the instrument, known as the Degree Angular Scale Interferometer, to record tiny temperature variations in the microwave background (SN: 4/28/01, p.
Agilent developed the ability to produce high-precision optical components and opto-mechanical assemblies at competitive costs to support its demanding laser interferometer business and a handful of customers.
Prior Information Notice: Delivery fizeau interferometer.
Whenever you want to do some sort of measurement, you usually begin with an interferometer," Dowling says.
ONCHAN, Isle of Man -- CVI Technical Optics is pleased to announce the installation of a 12-inch Zygo(R) interferometer in its Isle of Man manufacturing facility.
Specifically, we seek to test the ideas in a guided matter-wave interferometer based on ultracold bosonic atoms.
A NIST researcher completed the testing and analysis of several three-flat, five-position measurements with the X-Ray Calibration Interferometer (XCALIBIR) using 300 mm diameter flats.
The system also exhibits excellent correlation of phase-shift measurements with interferometer output at both 193 and 248 nm for a wide variety of trench structures and materials.
We describe the design and construction of a relatively simple, inexpensive laser interferometer system for accurate measurements of ultrasonic surface displacement waveforms in reasonably friendly environments.
Cash says he now hopes to build a spaceborne instrument that will have twice the sharpness of the best radio interferometer now in existence.
Agilent already has a solid position in the laser interferometer market to precisely measure distances at the nanometer scale.
In November, Caltech and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology completed the first phase of construction of a $300 million, two-site observatory called the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO (SN: 2/29/92, p.