interference fringe

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one of the light or dark bands produced by the interference and diffraction of light


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2007) Quantum interference fringes beating the diffraction limit.
The difference in compliance sections of the contact surfaces is clearly seen by the number of interference fringes.
The parameters of resulting closed interferogram are normalized [30]; this is the background a(x, y) and the amplitude b(x, y); in effect, (1) is modified in order to find the interference fringe pattern normalized intensity
Either they count interference fringes or use confocal microscopy to determine height.
Close above the test specimen surface a thermal marginal layer is created where it is possible to investigate the interference fringes.
m]) is the index of refraction at the fringe maximum, t is the physical thickness of the etalon sample, and m is the order of the interference fringe.
Using circularly polarized light, the interferometer's slider is employed to line up with the interference fringe, without any sample or stage orientation being required.
The software is for Virtuagram[R], the company's high definition hologram with 360[degrees] views of the virtual object which is created by calculating the interference fringe data from 3D computer-generated data, with the interference patterns generated via an electron beam lithography system (see HN Vol 21, No 2).
Testing was a simple matter of placing his convex surface inside the concave reference surface and looking for interference fringes under monochromatic light.
In the case of optical fibre PL, this calibration was inefficient due to different patterns of CCD illumination during measurements and calibration, which yielded different positions of interference fringes on CCD.
Additionally, high sensitivity is necessary to provide a short exposure time and increased productivity for mass production, while high resolution is required to record holographic interference fringes with high density and high diffraction efficiency.
Interference fringes occur with backreflected light under the condition that both path lengths match to within the coherence length of the light.
When simulating multilayer structures including one or more thick layers (thickness much larger than effective wavelength of light) one obtains dense large-amplitude interference fringes in simulated wavelength-dependent spectral characteristics of devices (e.
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