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Synonyms for interfere



interfere with someone

interfere with something or someone

Synonyms for interfere

to intervene officiously or indiscreetly in the affairs of others

Synonyms for interfere

come between so as to be hindrance or obstacle

Related Words

get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force

References in classic literature ?
When each member of the community has sufficient for his wants, and is not interfered with by his neighbour, it will not be an object of any interest to him to interfere with anyone else.
Crime, which, under certain conditions, may seem to have created Individualism, must take cognisance of other people and interfere with them.
Such a wife might awaken you some fine morning with a new scheme for the application of her income which would interfere with political economy and the keeping of saddle-horses: a man would naturally think twice before he risked himself in such fellowship.
When Master Bloomfield's amusements consist in injuring sentient creatures,' I answered, 'I think it my duty to interfere.
No; because he would be too noisy, and might interfere with the comfort of others.
She was pointed out to me by the head-gardener when she first arrived, for the purpose of warning me that I was not to interfere if I found her picking the flowers.
It interfered with my work, and I permitted nothing to interfere with my work.
They had met without any third person to interfere between them.
She would, moreover, sometimes interfere with matters which did not concern her, as the violent drinking of her husband, which in the gentlest terms she would take some of the few opportunities he gave her of remonstrating against.
Margaret, if I may interfere, don't be taken by surprise.
Fentolin interrupted, "to interfere to some extent in the affairs of the outside world.
These two passions did not interfere with one another.
You are younger; yet l do not suppose, possessed as you are of a competent fortune, that an early marriage would at all interfere with any future plans of honour and utility that you may have formed.
If the vision of his sister Elizabeth, at home at the farm speculating sadly on the whereabouts of her wandering boy, ever came before his mental eye he certainly did not allow it to interfere with his appreciation of the festivities.
Nothing was to be done but to interfere at the first opportunity, later in the day.