interfacial surface tension

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surface tension at the surface separating two non-miscible liquids

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When Ricon, a functionalized liquid polybutadiene oligomer, or SM (styrene maleic anhydride) is applied to minerals using an aqueous solution, interfacial surface tension decreases.
Systematic measurement of the interfacial surface tension as a function of the concentration of HA solution reveals a break in its linear relationship.
The cleaner and more oxide-free the surface of the pad/terminal is, the lower the interfacial surface tension will be; the sooner initial wetting will occur; the stronger the wetting force will be; and ultimately, the sooner wetting will be completed.
Scientists are investigating relationships between reduced interfacial surface tension and the percent of monoacylglycerol included in the oil phase in order to determine optimum levels of monoacylglycerol required for each type of formulation.
A PetroLuxus[TM] MMMF treatment in a down hole application eliminates the interfacial surface tension between oil and all matter it contacts including sand, clay, rock, shale, etc.