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the power of attracting or holding one's attention (because it is unusual or exciting etc.)

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31 on interestingness and usefulness respectively on the two sections in fall 2013) are markedly better than earlier semesters (such as the responses of 3.
Activity 3: Evaluate alternatives in terms of feasibility (likelihood to overcome constraints) and interestingness (how much users will be attracted to the new feature) on a scale of 1 to 5.
If a feature occurs more than once, its interestingness is spread out across all the locations at which it occurs.
During the reflection-mode the system breaks impasses generated during engagement, satisfies coherence requirements, and evaluates the novelty and interestingness of the story in progress.
Participants were asked to look at 20 paintings randomly spread out on a large table and fill out rating questionnaires (one for each painting) across six aesthetic dimensions: pleasingness, liking, preferability, beauty, interestingness, and wish to see again.
Various measures of interestingness have been proposed for selecting and ranking patterns according to their potential interest to the user.
In that regard, please note that only a couple of knight's-move networks such as these really make good letterplay puzzles; in the entire n-Jog Knight series, in my opinion, only the Four-Jog and Five-Jog Knights meet the three essential criteria of interestingness, challenge, and solvability.
Their level of interestingness is impartially determined by a demographically selected customer service focus consultancy, broken down by age and sex - ieme.
Since the number of discovered association rules might be very large, some pruning techniques along with various interestingness measures are implemented to select the relevant and interesting rules for the intrusion detection process.
Scientists do not stop work once fundamental problems are solved however--they continue to work on more complex problems, as what drives them is the interestingness of the problem, not necessarily its relevance (Kuhn 1962).
The topics that the user is interested in together with their degree of interestingness constitute the user's profile that our site customization model employs for recommending site views that match the given profile.
The first four chapters in this collection propose association rules for multidimensional data, XML data, web data, and interestingness measures.
We cannot with any reasonableness term the film "independent" or even "crossover," since it relies too much on the Hollywood images, conventions, and sensibilities that came together to create it, for all of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre's own relevance, interestingness, and later influence on other films in its genre.
Charles Beach: "While they are substitutes in time in an era of increasing teaching and administrative loads, I do think there is some complementarity in the quality and interestingness of the research problems one looks at.
I don't know that I believe in anything, except interestingness.