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in an interesting manner

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Kishtwar interestingly is the only one of the 22 districts across J and K that has not a single kanal of land under unauthorised occupation of the security agencies.
Klamek ji bo Beko", or "A Song for Beko" in English, is a Kurdish film released in 1992, was written and produced by Nizamettin AriA', who, interestingly enough, also plays the main character in the film- Beko.
Interestingly, 60 per cent of smartphone users carry more than one phone due to security situations or for other needs.
Interestingly, despite this rare magnanimity shown by the BCCI, the ticket controversy rages on, with only a handful of tickets available for the average cricket fan.
In a report today, the paper revealed that eight strips -- "Adams' Apples," "Dilbert," "Doonesbury" (which, interestingly, runs on the comics pages and not the Op-Ed page), "Get Fuzzy," "Mother Goose and Grimm," "Pearls Before Swine," "Stone Soup" and "Zits" -- are already safe, due to their ongoing popularity.
I saw a green marble wall in the lobby, and said, 'God this is so beautiful, the light is so good, you're dressed so interestingly.
Interestingly, in 2005 I attended the CFMTA conference in the western town of Calgary, which was also hosting their annual stampede billed as the world's largest outdoor rodeo.
While Dear's simply, beautifully written testaments to ancient and contemporary witnesses both teach and inspire, McNichols' moving, sometimes haunting icons offer a colorful window into the lives of exemplary (and, interestingly enough, often iconoclastic) individuals.
Each art project comes with step-by-step photo guidelines to supply a clear and methodical instruction resulting in a successful outcome for the student while using familiar materials in new and interestingly creative ways.
Interestingly the proposal also increases the maximum concession period on a PSO (public service obligation) route operated by one airline from three to four years, or five years for "ultra peripheral regions.
More interestingly, the firm designed Kenzo Tange's website and Moet & Chandon's, but it would be nice to know who is responsible for running this delightful site.
After a creative dispute with Warner Brothers Records (and a subsequent struggle with alcoholism and an abusive marriage), Staton converted to Christianity in 1982, began hosting a still-running gospel television show and released 10 successful contemporary gospel albums through her Beccarah Ministries label (funded partially by, interestingly enough, Jim and Tammy Faye Baker's PTL Ministries).
The Revolutionary War, if I am not mistaken, dragged on for eight years (1775-1883), which, interestingly, is about the average development cycle time for a DoD project (see Figure 1 on page 16 of the same issue).
Interestingly, this paperback edition omits the original subtitle, "And the Good Nazi.
Interestingly, health care costs were mentioned by only two of the respondents as an area of concern.