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in an interesting manner

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Interestingly, while the money for the programs was allocated for FY 1995, the first graduate did not return from the U.
I say more interestingly not out of any particular over-regard for the importance of my profession--I have sometimes thought of critics as often useful, hopefully symbiotic, parasites on the arts--but simply because the end of the last century promoted so much speculation on changes in this or that art that the issue of that century's changes in dance has been all but thrashed to death.
Interestingly, our patient also had a concomitant carcinoma in the same vocal fold, which is most unusual.
Interestingly, the 427 engine (which in the current nomenclature, is a 7.
Interestingly, however, keitai owners in Tokyo had an average of 91.
Interestingly, only two respondents said that the mainstream Islamic religion was different than the Islamic extremists.
Drebing, et al present a study of the relationship of participation in rehabilitation programs and the outcome, interestingly finding that older participants (over age 55) have a very different pattern of participation and success than younger participants in the program.
Interestingly, the Globe & Mail, the National Post, and the Toronto Star all reprinted the photo of Tobin, then Newfoundland's Premier, genuflecting (as a joke) before Prime Minister Jean Chretien in 1998.
Interestingly, however, Sanasarian shows that among all the changes that ensued in the first decade of revolution education became the most difficult and contentious one facing recognized religious minorities.
Interestingly, Cahners sees a big change in the flash memory market.
Interestingly, since 1994 the number of assisted-living facilities has increased from 3,800 to 7,500, according to the trade group American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA).
Interestingly, George has intertwined a fiction story line and a first-person narrative in alternating chapters.
Interestingly, the effect of being overweight was about twice as high in nonallergic children as in children with documented allergies (the authors note, however, that this difference may be due in part to an underreporting of allergy).
Interestingly, the bleaching process has two distinct parts, dividing at a brightness of around 80% ISO.
Interestingly, as a result of non-linear modulation instability effects in the fiber, the initially weak shot noise is amplified by a much larger factor than the lower-frequency technical noise.