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Synonyms for interestedness

curiosity about or attention to someone or something

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the state of being interested

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Baldwin counters this objection by pointing out to Cyril the debilitating interestedness (as opposed to disinterestedness) his statement assumes for art.
Robbins subjects these foundational left commitments to his rigorous readings where an initial alienation from national interestedness lands right back in the messiness of political engagement, ethical judgment, and, therefore, national affiliation.
This desire crosses yet another aesthetic boundary by rousing the kind of social interestedness that Woolf inveighs against in "Mr.
Along with the questions of intrusion into privacy, irrelevance, vested interestedness and making logjams to the governance sector, there are other significant issues to be addressed.
This is a consistent narrative in Anglo-American media coverage of environmental controversies generally, where advocates try to discredit the scientific claims of others by levying accusations of interestedness, bias, and predetermined results (McCright and Dunlap 2010; Young and Matthews 2010).
The constant flagging of the nation, however, is not accompanied by a recognition of its contestedness and interestedness.
They in fact awaken a sense of interestedness, a kind of interested receptivity to perceptual experience and to thought.
Louckes [4] and Barnnes, have similar researchers which refers to interestedness and positive attitude of cultivators farmers about application of indigenous knowledge.
Strauss not only includes consciousness of self interestedness ("sound common sense") and hence suspicion of alleged prophets, as part of Hobbes's understanding of "remembering art," but points out a certain agreement on this score between Hobbes, on one hand, and Socrates and the sophists, on the other.
Her body never falls to the background of our perception: it is a visceral queer happening and the central medium of the show itself, forcing desire, seduction, and interestedness and transcending our own sense of being-in-the-body.
According to Marks, intercultural cinema "assumes the interestedness, engagement, and intelligence of its audience" (19); in other words, it calls for an active spectator who is willing to learn the language of counter cinema.
The concept of director interestedness comes into play during a potential conflict of interest situation.
They would be agents of parties in the dispute, and therefore have the color of bias, and the fact of interestedness.
Tellingly, in its present incarnation RMP seems ambivalently attuned to the issues of interestedness at stake in such complaint: one of the site's newest (and most controversial) innovations allows users to post digital images of instructors, and its current homepage offers "hottest professors" and "highest rated professors" as its leading categories of user interest; yet RMP has always allowed users to flag suspect evaluations, and, in an apparent attempt to cultivate an image of balance, of responsiveness to negative as well as positive commentary, the current menu includes a link to "recent press.
The political arm of other modern states display similar interestedness.