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Synonyms for interestedness

curiosity about or attention to someone or something

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the state of being interested

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At the level of the individual psyche, then, Pale View underscores the interestedness of memory and recall.
Totalitarianism wishes to annihilate plural modes of interestedness and discursive interaction.
3] Poststructuralist insight into the interestedness of all discourse also contains a blindness that does not seem to allow this knowledge to be reflexively applied to the narratives it tells about itself.
His lock on the commonplaces of life, the goings on, the view, the news, was the same interestedness that enabled Chekhov to write brightly from the spa where he was dying, "You don't see a single decently dressed German woman, the lack of taste is depressing.
Da-sein, on the other hand, has facticity, an active but non-cognitive and non-psychological principle of interestedness (or the possibility of interestedness) in its own being.
The lack of any obvious nod to the subjectivity and interestedness of the maker is indeed suspicious.
128) For actionable interestedness to be shown, plaintiffs must point to a pattern of directors acting "in such a way as to comport with the wishes or interests of the corporation (or persons) doing the controlling.
Memory and re-membering as a reconstructive flame of meaning do not require one to construe a dualistic opposition between history and theology, objectivity and interestedness, Jesus and Judaism, Jesus the exceptional individual and Jesus shaped by his community; between the pre-Easter Jesus and the post-Easter Jesus, the historical Jesus and the kerygmatic Christ.
Stowe does not want the contrast to escape us between the Doctor's topic, "disinterested benevolence," and Burr's overriding interestedness "not [to] care a sou for truth on any subject not practically connected with his own schemes in life" (260).
Given the contextuality of all things, and the necessary interestedness of any subject, the kind of knowledge that is possible is achieved when the knower takes up a number of other viewpoints, so that he mirrors the larger structure of reality.
Similarly, the summoning use of irony in free indirect style often forces the "thoughts of the character" away from the narrator, drawing attention to the distance between them and making us question the reliability and interestedness of the narration in general.
I guess this is because anything that uncovers the interestedness of so-called" blind readings" would work against the still-maintained belief that scholarship and pedagogy are disinterested or objective.
campaign was hegemonic not only in its interestedness and its