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Synonyms for interested

Synonyms for interested

having concern

Synonyms for interested

having or showing interest


involved in or affected by or having a claim to or share in


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Such interestedly disinterested contributions to societies and communities have always been a source of prestige, but also a very useful tool of a powerful interiority and exteriority of a libidinal economy and its indisputable social inscription on people.
Interestedly, the webinar material states that SAVE "as a mechanism for verifying the citizenship status of potential voters" is significantly limited.
They are looking more interestedly not just into the Europeans; Asian powers too they have taken in their sights, particularly India in our close neighbourhood.
An ensuing cut to a close up of his face amplifies this sense of serious contemplation, suggesting that Cohen is again staring interestedly at the images of himself as he articulates this realization, his head tilted inquisitively to one side and his gaze fixed firmly in the direction of the film playing before him.
Small business will look interestedly at the initiative but won't put out the bunting until they see what's actually on offer.
Analysis of the mathematical relationship would predicate the affinity of the mentioned indices interestedly, e.
And so I passed interestedly across the island, past huge buildings of the strictly functional type so admired by Ayn Rand, and handsome ones in pastiches of European styles, like the American Geographical Society, which looked like it had been plucked from South Kensington--an institution whose staff no longer need to venture far in search of exotica.
It went against Ruth's conscience to self interestedly pick a veteran likely to have another losing season.
But they don't really stand a chance here so I'm looking interestedly at the LibDems,especiallyafter theTVdebate - it was one of those historic moments that changes things and I now think the Lib Dems have a chance.
It is generally accepted that the presence of negatively worded items are important in any self-rated instrument in order to prevent eventual response sets, such as responding to all items in the same form interestedly of its content.
Interestedly rummaging through the archive, we find a suitable "master/mistress" for our new Shakespeare's passion.
While the gold fish swim excitedly in the fish bowl, affixed to the front rail, a rabbit and white mice watch interestedly from their cages fixed behind the rickshaw.
You should let them [stories] go in their direction and follow interestedly, It should almost be like two people sitting over a pint of ale," Mr.
And when, in The Face of Love, Ellen Lambert sets her own mastectomy narrative next to Fanny Burney's, she describes not being able to look down at her postmastectomy chest until her lover looked at it first, and she looked at his face: "What I saw was that he looked at my body as he had always looked at it-curiously, interestedly, with the face of love.
For many of the youth this leadership-training was a new experience and they very proudly and interestedly began studying the various aspects of the park's life in order to share with visitors and better advocate on behalf of its protection from commercial exploitation and neglect.