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(usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims

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2) The cloud divided the mobile users into different interest groups by their service information and their own information, and the users in the same interest group can collaboratively complete the service content downloading tasks, which shorten the service time of the user and reduce the economic cost of a service demand.
Liberty Alliance congratulates the members of the Norway special interest group for working to deliver open identity management solutions users can trust for safer and more privacy-respecting online transactions.
Schweitzer, they argue, won by keeping all interest groups at bay, while Colorado Democrats succeeded by bringing them all together.
Economist Mancur Olson's classic text, The Rise and Decline of Nations, advances the theory that as societies mature, ever more - and more powerful - interest groups emerge.
For additional information, to request being placed on our e-mail exploder, and/or to register for this meeting, contact: Nancy Agosta, President, Southeast Region ATM Interest Group (919)248-1196 (phone), (919)248-1101 (fax), or agosta@mcnc.
3) Free use of PeopleFinders database containing information on Strategic Interest Group members
In California, the few dozen gambling tribes have become overnight the most powerful interest group in the state.
As it grows, the steady accumulation of subsidies and benefits, each defended in perpetuity by a professional interest group, calcifies government.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- A significant step toward making SMDS the first "connectionless" ATM service was taken recently with the contribution by Bellcore of technical specifications for the carriage of SMDS traffic over ATM to the Technical Working Group of the SMDS Interest Group (SIG).
While the College does not advocate a particular position, the College encourages individual members to contact the interest group of their choice and get involved in the health policy debate.
Public Health Systems Research Interest Group (June 29-30)
Now, the proportion of Americans who are interest group members far exceeds the ranks of strong party identifiers.
To invest in lobbying is as easy today as to invest in a mutual fund: Find an interest group you like, if one doesn't find you first, and write a check.
2, 1993 in conjunction with the SMDS Interest Group (SIG) plenary meeting during ComNet 93, Interop said today.
The inclusion of government as a stakeholder confirms what has long been obvious to libertarians: Government has become an interest group unto itself, with ambitions just as self-seeking as any private interest group's.