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Far from being a purely academic exercise, the ambiguity of the implied direction of causation between interest group activity and the size of government has both social and policy implications.
The rise of new media, which increased the visibility of transnational negotiations, and the explosion of interest group activity within a variety of political domains led to a new structure in the early 1990s in which international decisionmaking became more transparent and legitimate for a broader public.
2) The cloud divided the mobile users into different interest groups by their service information and their own information, and the users in the same interest group can collaboratively complete the service content downloading tasks, which shorten the service time of the user and reduce the economic cost of a service demand.
Folk and Traditional Music Interest Group, Gregory Reish (greish@roosevelt.
Because it is easier for those affected by a particular state law to move to a different state to avoid that law than for an individual or business to move to a different country to avoid a law enacted at the federal level, the ability of a state to enact laws favorable to a specific interest group is less than the ability of Congress to do so.
Regional interest groups and decision-making processes concerning coastal railways in Norrland during the twentieth century], Umea Studies in Economic History 28, University of Umea (2004), 262 pp.
Schweitzer, they argue, won by keeping all interest groups at bay, while Colorado Democrats succeeded by bringing them all together.
A new special interest group has been set up focussed on software testing called the CSSA Testing Special Interest Group.
If you want to explore participation in this Intelligent Enterprise Interest Group, contact Jack Ring at jring@amug.
This book is timely, particularly considering the public debates about campaign finance reform and the growing use of interest group money with independent expenditure campaigns.
It is - or should be - axiomatic that interest group scholars must define, with some precision and consistency, what their subject is.
Instead he designed strategies to buy out or overwhelm interest group opposition.
IABC's marketing consultant Helen Little worked with him in developing the initial Strategic Interest Group concept.
Our Interest Groups range from Art Appreciation to French Conversation, Walking to Singing and Dancing, Garden Visits to Theatre Outings and much more.