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Together these rulings confirm the proper tax treatment of investment interest expense allocable to a partnership's trading activity.
For purposes of determining the items of interest expense taken into account, however, the principles of Treas.
The analyst said retailers could realize interest expense savings in two forms.
Due to the depreciation and interest expense the lessor will generate net losses of approximately $621,000 over the first seven years of the lease.
California's rule for calculating "unitary" income permits the interest expense deduction to nondomiciliary corporations only to the extent that it exceeds out-of-state income, thus allowing tax on income which the state could not otherwise tax.
Investment interest expense is deductible to the extent of net investment income.
Congress enacted section 461(g) to prevent a cash method taxpayer from prepaying interest expense.
a sports car, vacation, or home upgrade), the related interest expense is not deductible.
We believe that the diversity and professional training of our members enable us to bring an important, balanced, and practical perspective to the issues raised by the proposed regulations under section 861, relating to the allocation and apportionment of interest expense.
Fort Howard argued the fees were an interest expense and thus were deductible.
172(b)(1)(E) and (h) generally apply in leveraged buyout transactions in which substantial interest expense is created post-acquisition and NOLs result from the payment of such interest.
For example, investors with high incomes can defer taxes by investing in growth-oriented stocks and still get a current interest expense deduction.