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One of the interesting findings from the present study was that the effect of interdependent SC was inverse between Japanese and American participants: Japanese with high interdependent SC hold positive attitudes toward professional help while Americans with high interdependent SC hold negative attitudes.
Several researchers investigated the leadership behavior differences between athletes engaged in interdependent tasks and independent tasks using preferred and perceived versions and have found consistent results.
Feeling either independent or interdependent is consistent with the 'cultural-self perspective' (Sedikides, Gaertner, and Toguchi, 2003), according to which independent and interdependent self-construals derive from different norms or ideals a person has to fulfill in order to be or to become a good person within his or her social environment.
We examine how independent and interdependent self-construals affect the use of silence to protect self and other's face, to maintain relational harmony, and to control the partner's behavior.
Alternatively, interdependent self-construal, akin to collectivism at the group level, is defined by relationships in which individuals tend to focus on their connectedness with important others and strive to meet or create duties, obligations, and social responsibilities (Markus & Kitayama, 1991).
Gwynfor Evans foresaw a "nation among nations", trading, economically interdependent, a member of the UN and the EU, as Ireland is today.
Your theme of last year pointed the way on interdependence, and we have developed the ideas of the interdependent fight, and on the spherical situation awareness that new technologies like the Rover system and the unmanned air systems make possible.
Transportation Command has successfully pioneered an approach that has effectively aligned interdependent yet disparate enterprise architectures, enabling a holistic view of end-to-end scenarios, portfolios, and organizations," he noted.
We live in an interdependent world where news breaks 24/7.
Forcing nations that are politically, culturally, and economically different to be interdependent upon each other causes more squabbles than it solves.
Data fell into the following six emergent dimensions of constructivist/inquiry-based dialogue: 1) awareness and sensitivity to context 2) empowering and give voice 3) finding commonalities and building on diversity of understandings present 4) dynamic feedback processes guiding change 5) learning serving development of coherent frameworks to guide decision-making and 6) constructing a caring and interdependent sense of community.
For its highly researched and scholarly yet accessible presentation of possibilities for America and the other globally interdependent nations of the world, A Civil Republic is very strongly recommended and thought-provoking reading for students and scholars of philosophy, international relations, economics, political sciences, international corporations, international development, and international law.
There are Harry Potter-like elements: interdependent cultures of magical vs.
For Asian Americans, career is often an expression of an interdependent self that is connected with close others (Hardin et al.
It found significant the fact that each cell in the cell lining was not functionally interdependent, because the smelting process could continue with missing cells.