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mutually dependent

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That difference, she argues, rests upon the Western (and especially American) construction of the self as independent and individualistic versus the Chinese construction of the self as interdependent and collectivist.
In this increasingly interdependent world, your "allies" can hurt you as much as your "enemies.
There is a similar provision with respect to former adult interdependent partners.
How we make sense of interdependent factors has until now been unclear.
Therefore, this study examined the attitudes of Japanese and American males and female toward mental health services, and the cultural values that influence such attitudes, partiscularly the effects of independent and interdependent self-construals (SC) and masculinity or femininity.
Several researchers investigated the leadership behavior differences between athletes engaged in interdependent tasks and independent tasks using preferred and perceived versions and have found consistent results.
Feeling either independent or interdependent is consistent with the 'cultural-self perspective' (Sedikides, Gaertner, and Toguchi, 2003), according to which independent and interdependent self-construals derive from different norms or ideals a person has to fulfill in order to be or to become a good person within his or her social environment.
We examine how independent and interdependent self-construals affect the use of silence to protect self and other's face, to maintain relational harmony, and to control the partner's behavior.
Sir - Glyn Davies is halfway accepting "independence" as a viable and desirable political destination for Wales, and I congratulate him for demolishing one myth, that Wales cannot support itself, but I am sadly disappointed to notice that he clings to another, along with other Welsh politicians who support the Union, and that is that Wales should be interdependent (which all countries inevitably are in the 21st century).
Being interdependent in the alliance has proven, over the years, to make us stronger rather than more vulnerable.
I spoke on how the interdependent fight had evolved far faster than we might have thought.
Transportation Command has successfully pioneered an approach that has effectively aligned interdependent yet disparate enterprise architectures, enabling a holistic view of end-to-end scenarios, portfolios, and organizations," he noted.
We live in an interdependent world where news breaks 24/7.
Forcing nations that are politically, culturally, and economically different to be interdependent upon each other causes more squabbles than it solves.
Data fell into the following six emergent dimensions of constructivist/inquiry-based dialogue: 1) awareness and sensitivity to context 2) empowering and give voice 3) finding commonalities and building on diversity of understandings present 4) dynamic feedback processes guiding change 5) learning serving development of coherent frameworks to guide decision-making and 6) constructing a caring and interdependent sense of community.