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Synonyms for interdependency

a reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups)

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When we bring Russia into the World Trade Organisation, we're creating a healthy interdependency.
The move to more jointness, to this full interdependency, will be a seismic shift in the way we define our operations of the future.
The piece, presented by the Jewish Community Center as part of an all-day festival titled "Israel Non-Stop," was a commentary not only on balance but on interdependency and love.
Contents of the first section include: Introduction; Aspiration and the "Skunk Works": The Young Digital Library (origins, funding, and characteristics); Rolling Projects into Programs: The Maturing Digital Library (characteristics, technical and organizational integration, and marketing and promotion); and From Integration to Interdependency: The Adult Digital Library (digital libraries as infrastructure, move toward permanent funding, continued experimentation, deep interdependency, and competition within the university).
The child continues to mature and develop, discovering the larger community that surrounds his or her family with elements of interdependency and support.
Interdependency is a key value promoted within Asian cultures (Yatabe, Koseki, & Braun, 1996).
American Jews, he said, have a tendency to think of themselves as independent people, but they should also recognize the possibility of interdependency on others.
Rather than re-orienting the study of political processes, it appears that kimira is an offering alongside the development of realism, interdependency, Marxism, behaviorism, and other political ideas and concepts, all of which are unabashedly Eurocentric.
The report examines the already tenuous housing status of more than 250,000 public assistance recipients and underscores the interdependency of Welfare payments and the low-income housing stock.
In a similar and complementary process, Spencer continued, societies developed from the simple to the complex and are characterized by increasing interdependency.
Yates is very persuasive that this literary representation of the interdependency of servant and mistress presents "Woman as the second sex: an underclass in a male-dominated hierarchy.
As a result, managing business interruption exposures has become complicated, especially due to the interdependency between the parent organization and its foreign subsidiaries-a relationship not unlike that of a key supplier or customer.
Kam highlights three reasons why-the quality of information available for judging and predicting enemy behavior, the persistence of conception even in the face of contradictory evidence, and the inherent interdependency of the many aspects of surprise attack that "makes it very difficult, perhaps even impossible, to locate the weak link in the chain and prevent future surprise attacks.