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This paper is structured as follows: Section 2 reviews some important concepts about Non-functional requirements interdependencies and neutrosofic logic.
This paper is structured as follows: Section 2 reviews some important concepts about neutrosophic cognitive maps and risks interdependencies modeling.
In other words, we need logisticians who cautiously exercise initiative as they intervene among these complex interdependencies.
The best way for an American president to forge healthy interdependencies is, first, to get our own house in order and gain the leverage - in terms of resources and moral authority - that come from leading by example.
This White Paper on "Oil and Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Interdependencies," is one of several sector-specific views of the importance of understanding how our infrastructure is connected.
present 14 essays that aim to expand knowledge about resource and rural economics by exploring the interdependencies between natural resource management and rural development as well as between rural and urban communities.
Building on its current water sector security program, WEF will examine interdependencies within and outside the water sector in order to foster and enable effective partnerships that can advance prevention, protection, response and recovery from incidents of national significance.
He goes on to point out that there are a multitude of interdependencies within a manufacturing environment such that it can be difficult to determine just what really needs to be analyzed.
We have highlighted this in the Air Force total force integration plan where we ferreted out the interdependencies between Active, Reserve and the Air National Guard so we can identify where in fact we might have and take advantage of duplicate applications.
Anthony Coscia, of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, will address the complexities and interdependencies of the region's transportation infrastructure and its effect on real estate.
Interdependencies among these tables are expressed by data values rather than by pointers.
UpdateEXPERT's competitive advantage comes from an exclusive patch database that has been tested for deployment interdependencies, thereby allowing organizations to scan, validate and install updates remotely without requiring a client agent.
Multiple aspects are discussed, ranging from the importance of the definition of interdependencies between collaborators to the role of software platforms as a support to the work of these collaborators.
The survey has identified a host of critical lessons about key infrastructure interdependencies of the water and power sectors.
and Canadian residents in the dark, attention was finally focused on the advanced age and frail health of the components of the infrastructure, as well as the complex interdependencies that cross both state and national borders, underpin regional and national economies, and create vulnerabilities from terrorists, saboteurs, or the wrath of Mother Nature.