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Synonyms for interdependence

a logical or natural association between two or more things

Synonyms for interdependence

a reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups)

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Complex Interdependence is the idea that 'states and their fortunes are inextricably tied together'.
We also aimed to integrate research on power and job design by identifying synergies between sense of power and perceived task interdependence.
He stressed that one good example of economic interdependence is the Turkey-Qatar relations, which developed in a very fast phase.
The bylaw changes vote comes after a months-long, industry-wide firestorm that erupted last September when the CUNA board rejected recommendations made by the CUNA System Structure and Governance Task Force to end the dual membership requirement, enhance cooperation and interdependence with leagues in the delivery of advocacy for credit unions, and streamline the CUNA board structure.
As important as nodes, functions, and systems are to the implementation of the interdependence activity, they cannot replace the genuinely human aspect of putting Soldiers from one culture into the other (and vice versa) to bridge the cultural gap.
But almost 25 years after a McDonald's restaurant opened in Moscow, it seems that deep interdependence has not ended conflict between great powers - it has merely provided a new battlefield for it.
Therefore, the great work for the 21st century would involve defining the term interdependence, Clinton said.
263) noted that important questions have therefore remained unanswered, such as, if--and if so, how--the interaction between task interdependence and task autonomy exerts an influence on the individual level of analysis, in particular in relation to individual performance.
The volume in evidence "The State and the global interdependence" is a comparative study of the defining elements of the traditional Westphalian states and of the post-Westphalian ones, within the conditions of the global interdependence.
Summary: A new foundation aimed at spreading cancer awareness and providing support to cancer patients through "social interdependence and co-operation" was launched recently by the Ministry of Social Affairs.
The clash between independence and interdependence illuminates issues such as racial discrimination and failing partnerships between businesses and governments.
Financial indicators for Telecom Egypt detailing disputes with Egypt's three largest mobile service providers (Vodafone, Etisalat and Mobinil) since September 2008, when prices for the company's interdependence agreement were amended, place the total amount up for discussion at EGP 813.
Figures cited in the Interdependence Report of 2011, sponsored by UNDP-ACT and produced by Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot team, suggest that card payments make up only a small proportion of the total spent.
In particular, task interdependence is regarded as a group design parameter that dictates group interaction (Hackman & Morris, 1975; Thompson, 1967; Van de Ven, Delbecq, & Koenig, 1976).