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Synonyms for interdependence

a logical or natural association between two or more things

Synonyms for interdependence

a reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups)

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Medical team interdependence is found within medical specialties as well as between specialties.
IBC and H-E-B have worked with Operation Interdependence, the premier Civilian-to-Military Delivery System in the United States, to ship and distribute the packages overseas.
Reflecting upon the lessons learned during this time together revealed just how much our own collective approach and commitment to interdependence contributed to this success.
The Rocky Mountain Economic Summit was founded in 2009 by Bronze Buffalo Club co-founders Justin and Cody Hyde and expanded to include Brian Hymel, partner of Dunn Properties, the Sage Partners at UBS, and David Kotok, CIO of Cumberland Advisors and vice chairman of the central banking series at the Global Interdependence Center.
Only the distinctive diplomatic culture that governed the relationship during the Cold War alliance, economic interdependence, and relatively centralized domestic political institutions, he argues, can account for the process and outcomes of bilateral bargaining in some crucial episodes and the broader pattern over time.
The Air Force continues to build on the foundations of interdependence as a member of the joint and combined arms team-where our mutual respect for each other's capabilities is absolutely essential to success.
As a group, the 8 students thrived in an environment of independence (contributing original responses) and interdependence (relying upon other students" to generate substance for discussion).
It is without doubt that economic interdependence, after a certain level of interaction between member states, has enhanced peaceful ways of problem solving.
those that are characterized by a high degree of interdependence among the subsidiaries) have a higher number of third-country nationals than firms following alternative strategies.
Summary: <p>The United States has no alternative to oil to meet its massive energy needs and should recognize its energy interdependence with the Middle East, Saudi Arabia's Prince Turki al-Faisal wrote in an article on Friday.
At the 1988 Lambeth Conference (a meeting of all the Anglican bishops from around the world, held every 10 years), the then-archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, stressed interdependence over autonomy.
And this positive interdependence is more important now than ever because we are facing a very serious global financial crisis.
In my opinion, a relationship of interdependence with the mother of the child in the same household, of itself, will likely create a relationship of interdependence of some permanence vis avis the child.
This permanent exhibition is devoted to the need to protect and preserve our planet's biodiversity--the variety and interdependence of Earth's life forms.
Equity Office, Northern Power, and NYSERDA consider this to be a flagship project demonstrating the ability of large office buildings to attain both interdependence with and independence from utility grids, even in the heart of major metropolitan areas like New York City.