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be connected

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Table 2: content words with the four prefixes and their lemma Keyword Lemma Search Word crosslinguistics crosslinguistic crosslinguist * interact interacting, interact * interaction, interactive, etc interconnect interconnects, interconnect * interconnection, interconnective, etc interculture intercultural, intercultur * intercultures etc interdepend interdependent, interdepend * interdependence, etc.
Standardization appears especially in choosing the most adequate solutions for the situations that interdepend, proposing the most favorable options for the user, aiming at the same time at ensuring a global economic efficiency.
Analysts show how trust and trustworthiness interdepend, the latter in part a consequence of the self-fulfilling effects of the former.
Less dependent actors can often use the interdepend ent relationship as a source of power in bargaining over an issue and perhaps to affect other issues.
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