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produced by crossbreeding


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Its inferior region inserted above the crest of the posterior process of mandible ramus where its fibers intercrossed with the medial pterygoid muscle.
The resultant Puma population in Florida after several generations of intercrossed offspring have been assimilated was expected to trace 20% of its genome to material from the Texas population.
1] hybrids were intercrossed resulting in a total of 535 [F.
2])C5], one population from Ohio that has been improved in Iowa [LEAMING(S)C4], and three populations from Iowa [BS5, BS21(R)C7, and BS22(R)C7], were increased and intercrossed in a diallel-mating design during the 2001 growing season (Appendix 1).
LG/J females were mated with SM/J males to produce an Fl generation, which was intercrossed to produce 534 [F.
javanica (Mj) were selected and intercrossed to develop one root-knot nematode (RKN) resistant population, designated "FLMR3.
In the present study, we intercrossed the genotypes from those seven selections and evaluated their progenies, to (i) evaluate the progress achieved by one cycle of divergent phenotypic selection for NDF, ADF, ADL, CEL, ADL/HEM, ADL/CEL, and ADL/(CEL+ HEM) on timothy digestibility, (ii) evaluate correlated responses to selection, and (iii) identify the most effective and stable selection criteria that can improve timothy digestibility through fiber digestibility without adversely affecting plant biomass.
In the control lines for intraspecific and interspecific competition (BC and RC, respectively), 10 of the 100 plants were chosen randomly each generation and randomly intercrossed to produce seed for the next generation.
Approximately 40 of the most vigorous and agronomically desirable plants (10 from each replication) within each cultivar were removed from the field in April and intercrossed.
After the sixth backcross, or females and males were intercrossed to produce the mutant line.
2] plants that produced resistant test cross progeny and appeared to be homozygous were identified and subsequently intercrossed to produce M6-2.
In further crosses made in 1999, intercrossed heterozygous normal plants produced progeny segregating a close fit to a 3:1 ratio (124:42).
0] plants were intercrossed by hand in a polycross (Fehr, 1987), and 323 [T.