intercostal muscle

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muscles between the ribs

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Activation of the inspiratory intercostal muscles by electrical stimulation of the spinal cord.
In patients with chronic lung disease, five weeks of IMT has been found to increase proliferation of both Type 1 and Type 2 intercostal muscle fibres (73).
About the only thing slowing down one of the best young hitters in the game is a pesky strained intercostal muscle that's sidelined him for four games.
Flintoff's intercostal muscle injury received three weeks ago is only halfway through the normal recovery period, and he insists he will not rush back to bowl at out until he is ready.
Infection of the brainstem and high cervical spinal cord may cause diaphragmatic and intercostal muscle paralysis with resulting respiratory failure and sometimes death.
Flintoff is extremely confident he will feature in full capacity but should he aggravate the intercostal muscle tear, a role as a specialist batsman would be an option.
There was a statistically significant difference in average intercostal muscle uptake between smokers and nonsmokers, said Dr.
Loss of abdominal and expiratory intercostal muscle function results in inability to cough and clear secretions effectively.
Since intramuscular tension is particularly high within intercostal muscle segments [23], we reasoned that these markers of myogenic activity could be present following ITTO.
Some sutures were removed, and a pedicled intercostal muscle flap was prepared to cover the defect completely.
Sakuma N, Kamei T, Okamura H, Ishihara T, Matayoshi Y Morphologic changes in intercostal muscle tissue associated with a viper (Agkistrodon halys blomhoffi) bite.
Although fears that the all-rounder had suffered an intercostal muscle tear look to have been allayed, Brown will have a fitness test before this morning's start of the Championship match against Yorkshire.
But he remains enthusiastic rather than downbeat after recovering from an intercostal muscle injury and is determined to be back on the European Tour.
Harvey's aggression finally got the better of him on 61 in Batty's next over as he charged the off-spinner but missed his lofted drive and was stumped by reserve wicketkeeper James Pipe, deputising for Steve Rhodes who tore an intercostal muscle while batting and could be out for six weeks.
He was taken off the 15-day disabled list with a strained right intercostal muscle 10 days ago.
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