intercostal muscle

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muscles between the ribs

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9] Decortication with closure of BPF using intercostal muscle flap and thoracoplasty are the standard thoracic surgical procedures usually used for thoracic empyema cases failing on medical management and intercostal drainage [10,11] Video Assisted Thoracoscopy (VATS) guided decortication has also shown to be a promising option with the advantage of lesser morbidity and post-operative hospital stay compared to open thoracotomy, especially in elderly people and with Stage 1 and 2 empyema.
KEY WORDS: Intercostal muscle flap, Postoperative pain, Thoracotomy, Intracostal sutures.
No identifiable intercostal muscle or tissue existed between the two rib segments from the sternocostal junction to the midclavicular line (Fig.
Activation of the inspiratory intercostal muscles by electrical stimulation of the spinal cord.
In our case, as the patient could not afford MRI, colour Doppler study, a cheaper alternative was performed which indicated intercostal muscle invasion by the tumor.
In ventilatordependent patients, the relative contribution of intercostal muscle dysfunction to inspiratory muscle weakness remains to be determined.
The most lik ely cause is a pulled intercostal muscle, which runs between the ribs and help the cs hest to expand and contract.
He still has the scar tissue from a torn intercostal muscle and although he shot a third- round 69 in Abu Dhabi yesterday his swing lacks the length and power of 12 months ago when he won three tournaments before the end of March.
Casey has not been sighted since skipping last month's Dubai World Championship because of an inflamed intercostal muscle.
His intercostal muscle is not torn again, but it is inflamed and he cannot risk it in Dubai.
About the only thing slowing down one of the best young hitters in the game is a pesky strained intercostal muscle that's sidelined him for four games.
Flintoff's intercostal muscle injury received three weeks ago is only halfway through the normal recovery period, and he insists he will not rush back to bowl at out until he is ready.
Infection of the brainstem and high cervical spinal cord may cause diaphragmatic and intercostal muscle paralysis with resulting respiratory failure and sometimes death.
Flintoff is extremely confident he will feature in full capacity but should he aggravate the intercostal muscle tear, a role as a specialist batsman would be an option.
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